Review – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Review – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In the age of bad combat, rehashed concepts, and visually similar mobile games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a breath of fresh air. Nintendo continues to dominate the mobile market with fun original new games. 

Camp Manager

First thing’s first: you have to design the character that will become the newest Camp Manager. The character creation will be familiar to anyone who has kept up with Nintendo games over the last few years. It is very basic, yet gives you a lot of choices. Eventually, you will unlock the Market Place which will allow you to buy new clothing, and sell your old clothes. You can also buy specialty furniture at the Market Place.

The Market Place changes vendors and supplies every day, so it is worth continually checking back in.

Camp Forever

Once you have your Camp Manager designed, you will meet Isabelle. Isabelle is your standard NPC tutorial guide. If you need any reminders after you spam through her instructions, you can find Isabelle at the Market Place. 

The basics of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are you need to build up your campsite and get lots of visitors. This game is a tourist trap simulator! 

To get visitors, you travel around the map in your van and complete requests for NPCs. Once you gain enough favor with an NPC, they level up. Once the NPC levels up enough, you can invite them to your camp. On top of getting NPCs’ favor levels up, you have to build certain things before they will come to camp. You can go to the contacts list and see everything each NPC wants to be built before they will visit. 

There are also fun fishing and bug catching minigames you can play to get materials to complete quests.

The Van

Your van will start to feel like a second character. Other players will see it so it is worth dressing it up. 

You can customize your van at OK Motors. Just like the Market Place, they have rotating special van paint jobs that change every day. The most interesting thing about OK Motors is that if you do not have the money for a customization, then they will give you a loan. What a strangely serious thing to put in an otherwise whimsical game!


So let’s face it, I am a grown man. I am not the target audience of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Yet, I think it is a neat game to play. This game is a great children’s game and a lot of fun. The microtransactions are not pushed down your throat, the gameplay is simple, and the time needed to do well is minimal. 

I am willing to bet a lot of people are going to spend a lot of time managing their camps for years to come.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free to start through the App Store and Google Play. It is supported by devices running iOS 9.0 and newer, and Android 4.2 and newer.

What are your thoughts on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Any other mobile gaming favorites you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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