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Ant Man #1( Marvel Comics) Cover art(detail) by Eduard Petrovich
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Ant-Man #1

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: February 5, 2020

An all-new adventure for Marvel’s tiniest hero is here in Ant-Man #1. Scott Lang has a lot of problems and he is not the world’s best superhero, but he is not going to let that get him down.


“The Bees Knees” Ant-Man #1

Scott Lang is back in Ant-Man #1! After his security business failed and his run with the Guardians of the Galaxy ended it is time to get back to doing what he does best…whatever that may be? Okay, so Scott might be a little down on his luck and living in an anthill is not ideal, but he will show his daughter Cassie aka “Stinger” what a hero he is. With an all-new assignment to save Florida’s bee population, Scott Lang is on the case, but in the Marvel Universe things are never what they seem and Scott Lang may make some new enemies.


Ant Man #1( Marvel Comics) Cover art by Eduard Petrovich
Ant Man #1( Marvel Comics) Cover art by Eduard Petrovich

Zeb Wells handles the words in Ant-Man #1 and delivers a fun start to a new adventure. Wells does a solid job of making this #1 issue a good jumping on point (like a #1 issue should be). He hits the high points of who, what, where and why of Scott Lang’s recent outings and sets us off on this new adventure. It is a nice little introduction to the character.

Zeb Wells plays up this “down” on his luck character of Scott Lang well. It is hard not to hear Paul Rudd’s voice in your head while reading it, which is not a bad thing. The dialogue actually fits Rudd’s sense of humor, which made Ant-Man #1 a lot of fun for me personally to read.

As much fun as I did have reading Ant-man #1 it did feel like something was missing from it? By the end, it didn’t have that sticking moment, like “I want more of that” type feeling. It felt like it needed something a little bit more to really have me engaged and invested in the story. I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet. But it does feel like it is missing something.


I was happy to see Dylan Burnett as the artist on Ant-Man #1. I dug his work on the first Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series. He has a wild, animated style that is uniquely his own. His lively character styling is a wonderful match for this more comedy aimed series. He gets some wonderful facial expressions and reactions throughout the issue.

Burnett also has a good eye for detail. There rather obviously are some bugs featured in Ant-man #1 and Burnett does an exceptional job of making them look very realistic. I also enjoyed his play with perspective with Ant-Man and Stinger’s size-changing powers. He does some fun layouts and structures with it.

I am also always happy to see colorist Mike Spicer‘s name on any book. He is a delightful colorist that always adds a lot to the series he is on. There is a fantastic night time scene at the start of Ant-man #1 that Spicer catches perfectly. Ant-Man and Stinger are in their “giant” forms with the moon hanging over their shoulders. Spicer catches some nice dark coloration in their costumes and it just looks hauntingly beautiful with the moon shining and illuminating different things.


There are a lot of things to like about Ant-Man #1. First, if you want a fresh start with the character this is as good of a place as any as Zeb Wells gets you up to speed quickly. The issue is a lot of fun to read. The dialogue is clean and crisp and will have you chuckling throughout the issue. The art is fantastic as well. Burnett’s energetic animated style and Spicer’s wonderful colors does not disappoint visually. For me, though there is just something missing from Ant-Man #1. Something in the story that really grabs you and gets you invested in Scott Lang’s adventure? Now I will probably stay on for at least another issue in hoping in finds that.

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