Review – Artifacts #17

Top Cows Rebirth continues with their latest offering Artifacts #17 – New Creation Part 4. And things are certainly starting to heat up.

If you need a quick catch up then here’s the skinny, (Which is also at the start of the comic – handy!)

Artifacts #17
Artifacts #17

The gathering of thirteen mystical artifacts, all of which form the backbone of the Top Cow universe, destroyed the world and created a new one in their image.

Ex-priest Tom Judge discovered the secret of this newly created universe by recovering one of these artifacts, The Rapture.

With the assistance of NYPD detective Dani Baptiste, Tom fought off an attack from a group of Angelus warriors who had become a hive mind.

After the battle Tom explains the truth of the previous universe to Dani, filling her in on the role she played as the host for the Angelus force.

Tom then heads off and confronts Jackie Estacado, host of The Darkness, in an attempt to find the reason for the new universe and sets the scene for all-out war.

And that’s about the length of it. In this latest issue we follow Tom in his continued search for the truth as he battles The Darkness. He and Dani continue on their journey in an attempt to right the wrongs of this new universe and restore balance.

If you have ever read any of the Top Cow books you will know what to expect from these latest offerings and that is by no means a bad thing. Plenty of battles, larger than life characters and big old baddies. All in all the Rebirth of the Top Cow Universe has not disappointed. If you are already a fan then, carry on. If not then we are only 17 issues in, so jump on fast. The Artifacts series is an excellent introduction to the Top Cow universe as all of the major characters pop their heads in for a good old dust up before heading off to continue their very own story arcs. Enjoy.

ArtifactsArtifacts #17 New Creations Part 4, Written by Ron Marz and Art by Stjepan Sejic, is available from 9th May, 2012.

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