Review – Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)

Something Old and Something New in Avengers  #1

A bold new adventure begins in Avengers #1. Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man decide to get the band back together for another tour. But when the Celestials show up they are going to need more firepower. Luckily they have a Spirit of Vengeance with a Hellcharger, the Black Panther, the Sorcerer Supreme, the Mighty Captain Marvel, oh and they have a She-Hulk! The Avengers have assembled, but what connection do they have of the very first Avengers of 1,000,000 years ago?


Avengers #1 (Marvel) cover by Ed McGuinness
cover by Ed McGuinness

Jason Aaron takes over writing duties for Avengers #1. Aaron has been doing some fantastic work recently on his Marvel series (Thor, Star Wars) and his creator-owned books like Southern Bastards. He now gets his paws on Marvel’s mightiest heroes with a new #1 issue and maybe with the biggest spotlight on them yet since a little movie called Avengers: Infinity War came out a few days ago and made all the money!

Aaron kicks off Avengers #1 drawing the connection with the “Original Avengers” who were introduced in Marvel Legacy #1 around a year ago. These characters are very interesting and I like the idea of them. I love the way Aaron writes Odin and his relationship with the Phoenix Force; it is very fun. Aaron keeps the interest of their story high as we are soon transported to the present day. This is where the story picks up some very familiar faces.

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America decide to get back together as Avengers. This group of heroes has not been together for a while and a lot has happened to each of them in the past few months/years. This is all handled pretty well by Aaron with a few nods here and there to what has happened in their respective crazy lives. Aaron does not dwell too much on trying to explain everything, as it would be nearly impossible and probably would take up most the issue. Each hero gets a good introduction as the issue continues. I do wish we got to see more from some of them, but you can only fit so much in. He does a good job in Avengers #1 switching the story points up and bouncing between characters and locations. It is a setup issue, but a good one at that. 


Ed McGuinness pencils Avengers #1 and while not my personal favorite style, it does fit the epic tale set forth in this issue. McGuinness has a very bold style. His characters have that larger-than-life “superhero” feel to them. He catches the tone of the series very well; it is fun but serious at the same time. Mark Morales on inks brings great detail to Avengers #1. This is never more evident than in the wonderful-looking Celestials. McGuinness gives them a stoic, almost ominous towering look, while Morales brings out some wonderful detail with some bold inking.

David Curiel adds a depth and a shine to Avengers #1 with his colors. Captain Marvel’s radiating energy looks wonderful in the blackness of space and I love Ghost Rider’s illuminating flames. I will say that the colors do give the characters an almost too glimmering look—it makes everything look almost too nice or pretty at times.


Overall Avengers #1 is a solid start to a “new” series and a pretty good jumping-on point for new readers. Nothing really crazy or exciting happens; Avengers #1 is more of a getting the gang back together/new threat arrives start of the story. While overall not the most exciting issue ever, Aaron does have me excited to see what comes next in the story and to actually see this “new” “old” group of Avengers come together to battle a threat no one hero could take down.

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