Review – The Avengers #2 (Marvel Comics)

Trickery is Afoot in The Avengers #2

Celestials dying, falling from the sky and landing on Earth is never a good sign. It seems Thor, Captain America, and Ironman picked a perfect time to team back up together. Captain Marvel comes to Earth as the one who took down the Celestials is coming! The Final Host is finally here. As She-Hulk and Ghost Rider battle giant bugs and each other on the ground, Dr. Strange and Black Panther continue their journey deep beneath the Earth. But what does all this have to do with the original Avengers from a million years ago and what does Loki have to gain from all of this? Find out in The Avengers #2.


The Avengers #2 Marvel Comics cover by Ed McGuinness
cover by Ed McGuinness

Jason Aaron continues to take us on a wild ride in Avengers #2. The addition of Loki throws another twist into what is happening. Obviously, something strong enough to kill Celestials is a big threat, but what does Loki have to gain from it? Aaron has started off his run with a lot of mystery. With the tie-in with the “original/Ancient Avengers,” who or what this Final Host is, Dr. Strange and Black Panther’s discovery underground and these giant bug creatures, there are a lot of questions being raised in The Avengers #2

There might be a little too much going on in Avengers #2. It feels the story is spread a little thin and waiting to really get going. I am not sure exactly what is happening with Black Panther and Doctor Strange; they are left mostly out of this issue. Having the team so spread out is a little frustrating as they are all kind of doing their own thing. I guess it will pay off when we finally see everybody come together. I do feel myself kind of wishing it did not have this big tie-in to the newly created “Ancient Avengers.” This part of the story I do not see the point in and honestly really do not care anything about it. It seems like you could have this same story without that put in there.


The art in Avengers #2 is good comic book art, but again, Ed McGuinness’ style is not my personal cup of tea, and there are some flaws in this issue. The perspective of some shots feels off or awkward in the Hulk vs Ghost Rider fight. The thing that caught my eye mostly in this issue and the previous issue is Thor’s hammer. In two panels in particular in Avengers #2, it looks very tiny, like his hand looks bigger than the hammer; it looks very funny to see a hulking guy like Thor wielding this small hammer. It really took me out of the story because my sole focus was on how small the hammer looked.

Not all of it is bad. I like how McGuinness draws Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider; he looks fantastic! The Hellcharger looks wonderful as well as it is blazing down the streets. I also enjoy the more “Hulked out” She-Hulk look; it makes her character seem like more of the powerhouse she is. The inking by Mark Morales with Jay Leisten is good. Nice bold lines with some great added detail. The colors by David Curiel are the real standout of the show. Curiel gives The Avengers #2 a wonderful “pop” to it with his coloring.


The Avengers #2 is good, but for me, not quite what it could be. While I am enjoying the mystery of the story it feels like it could be cut down a little and tapered. It feels like too many things are going on at once and is not focused. The art is good, but I am not convinced Ed McGuinness is right for this series. Thor’s hammer varies from page to page in size and there are a few awkwardly placed panels. It is not that this is bad, there is a lot I like about this series, it is just that it could and should be better than it is.

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