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Batgirl #29 (DC Comics) variant cover (detail) by Joshua Middleton
Batgirl #29
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  • Overall - 6.5/10
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Writer: Mairghread Scott
Penciller: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire 
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: November 28, 2018

The Dark Web is still causing chaos in Gotham City as Grotesque has a new evil plot. Batgirl is here to stop it, though, if she can make it in time!


“Fear of the Dark” Batgirl #29

Batgirl has finally figured out Grotesque’s plan and she is intent on stopping it. Even though her surgery is looming overhead and she is supposed to be resting, she cannot or she will not let that stop her from saving Gotham City once again. But even with her will in overdrive, will it be enough for Barbara Gordon to put down this new agent of the Dark Web once and for all? Batgirl #29 is the big finale of “Art of the Crime.”


Batgirl #29 (DC Comics) main cover by Sean Murphy
Main cover by Sean Murphy

So, once again I jump in on a series at the very last issue of a storyline with Batgirl #29. It has been a long time since I have read Batgirl (actually it has been right at one year since I reviewed Batgirl #17). I really just saw that beautiful Sean Gordon Murphy cover for this issue and it enticed me in! So, I was a little lost going into Batgirl #29. I was surprised she was still dealing with the Dark Web; I had reviewed a Nightwing Annual #1 a few months ago dealing with all that and figured that was over and done with by now. Apparently not.

Just for me jumping in at the end of the storyline, Mairghread Scott did a solid job of telling a good complete story. I didn’t have all the details but I was able to follow along and enjoy myself. I am pretty intrigued to know what and why Barbara is having surgery for, and I am going to go back and figure that out. The villain and overall the main plot for me weren’t the greatest; obviously, I don’t know everything, but it seemed very basic. Nothing really great or bad.

Where Scott excelled is the storytelling of Babara having to go into surgery and her talk with her dad. That was some great little character stuff in Batgirl #29. I liked all the internal dialogue and Batgirl not only having to deal with this out-there villain but also the real-world scary situation of having to go under the knife and have your life in somebody else’s hands.


I enjoyed Norm Rapmund‘s inking on Batgirl #29. Nice, bold inking style; he added a lot of nice details into the characters’ clothing and outerwear. Paul Pelletier on pencils also did an excellent job drawing some nice suits and formal wear throughout the issue. I was not too keen on some layouts and panel structure on Batgirl #29, but it is all around good comic book art. I would have liked a little bit more dynamic feeling during the action scenes, as they felt a little stale. The art makes for a tough review in Batgirl #29. All around it is not bad, but also nothing really stands out either.

The coloring by Jordie Bellaire was superb as always. There are some great scenes with red backgrounds that look fantastic. The way the red contrasts against Batgirl’s costume is a nice visual. There are also some great scenes of Batgirl with her face blacked out with the red background. She is struggling to stand; it is an all-around well-structured scene.


I can’t judge Batgirl #29 on the overall story because I haven’t been following along, since I just jumped on this issue. I can say I was still really surprised she was still dealing with the whole Dark Web villain thing. It was, though, all-around a pretty solid comic book. I enjoyed Batgirl struggling with having to go into her surgery and her courage to talk to her dad about being scared more than the whole stopping Grotesque plot. The art was pretty good; again, nothing tremendously stands out as good or bad. 

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