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Batgirl #36
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Writer: Mairghread Scott
Penciler: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: July 3, 2019

Barbara Gordon is losing control of her company, she is about to be without a place to live, and, oh, she is trapped in a burning building with the Terrible Trio. Just another day as Batgirl.



“Something Terrible” Batgirl #36

Barbara Gordon’s life is about to get a lot worse in Batgirl #36 and she doesn’t even know it yet. You would think being trapped in a burning building with the Terrible Trio would be enough. The group of mask-wearing villains was able to capture the Batgirl and decided to put her death on display in front of some other nefarious people. You know—to build their reputation as the new crime lords. Batgirl was able to use her ingenuity to escape and even put a beatdown on a roided-out “Shark”. Now a fire has started and everyone is trapped! Even if Batgirl makes it out, her life isn’t much better. She missed a very important meeting and now it seems her very own company has been taken from her. Oh, and that new place she was moving into? Yeah, that’s not looking so swell either.


Batgirl #36 (DC Comics) main cover by Francis Manapul
Batgirl #36 (DC Comics) main cover by Francis Manapul

I enjoyed this three-issue story arc that ends with Batgirl #36. It doesn’t seem like we get a ton of 2-3 issue story arcs that often, so it was nice. Mairghread Scott did a good job of balancing some interesting story points throughout the three issues. For someone that has not been following every issue of this series, it was surprisingly easy to jump into. The story points of Batgirl not only having to battle the Terrible Trio but also possibly losing her company and moving into a new place were all very well told.

I like that Scott also makes Barbara feel like a very “real” person. She makes mistakes, misjudges people and has doubts. But I also like the overall upbeat tone by the end of the issue. With all the dreadful things happening in Barbara’s life, Scott ends Batgirl #36 is a very upbeat way. I also like how it sets up a new interesting life dynamic for her.


The art team for the three-issue story arc has also done a pretty solid job throughout. There are a few awkward pages and panels, and I also don’t know how some characters survive when they stand directly in flames. But overall the art is very good and has some wonderful visuals, besides a few hiccups.

There is a great panel in Batgirl #36 of Vulture bursting through some smoke and flames at Batgirl that looks great. Paul Pelletier shows a great sense of movement and energy as she rushes forward with her knives toward Batgirl. Norm Rapmund’s inks add some tremendous details to not only to the faces and clothing but all the surroundings, while Hi-Fi’s colors catch the flames bouncing off the area highlighting the characters.

There is some great panel work throughout the issue as well. The fight in the burning building feels as hectic and dangerous as it should. The art team does a great job of showing a sense of urgency as Batgirl fights off the villains and also tries to find a way to escape. 


Batgirl #36 was a solid end to a three-issue story arc. Look, I am not going to tell you that it is the greatest story ever, or you need to rush to buy it. But there is a lot of stuff to like about it. If you are wanting to get into Batgirl this is not a bad place to jump in (I have the reviews for issues #34 and #35 as well). Scott does a great job of tearing down Batgirl’s world but keeping her upbeat and setting her in a new direction by the story’s end. The art is solid and there are some great visuals throughout.

P.S. If you were wondering, I am still indecisive about the Terrible Trio and their masks. On one hand, I do like the campiness of having the group of villains being regular people in masks. It has that nice Batman ’66 feel to it. On the other hand, those masks are way too detailed to be masks, plus I would like the overall weirdness of these being regular people with animal heads. 

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