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Batgirl #41

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Carmin Di Giandomenico 
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: November 27, 2019

Batgirl has been plunged to her death by Oracle. Now Batgirl’s own creation looks to keep Burnside safe in its own twisted way.



Oracle of Death in Batgirl #41

Batgirl continues to battle Oracle in Batgirl #41 and things are not going well. Batgirl has been plunged to her death in the murky waters of Burnside. Her Oracle program, that has come to life, is wanting to make itself better than Batgirl, to protect Burnside better than Batgirl ever could. Along with the Terrible Trio, Oracle has caused mass pandemonium in Burnside. Evacuations are in place and people scatter for their lives. Barbara Gordon fights for her own; as she tries to survive she tries to think of a way to win. But how do you beat something that knows you better than yourself?


Batgirl #41 (DC Comics) main cover by Dustin Nguyen
Batgirl #41 (DC Comics) main cover by Dustin Nguyen

So, for some reason, I tend to jump in and out of Batgirl at the most random times. Batgirl #41 is part 5 of this ongoing story. Though, it does still feature the Terrible Trio, who were in the last arc and issue I read/reviewed (Batgirl #36). Cecil Castellucci has taken over writing duties since last time I checked in, and she does a great job from my perspective. Obviously, I am 5 issues behind on the story, but it really didn’t feel like it. Castellucci did a fantastic job of that comic book storytelling where I don’t exactly understand everything that is going on but she details enough to where I don’t feel lost or cannot enjoy the story.

The story is an exciting and really nice dive into Barbara Gordon’s psyche. Castellucci does a wonderful job of pitting Barbara vs Oracle, playing with the idea that she is battling a program she made that wants to be better than her and obviously it goes off the rails. It is a good villain for Batgirl and Castellucci uses Oracle in the story well.

I can’t really say how this plays into what has happened previously or how it flows with the other parts of the story, but for me this fits right in with what I was reading previously.


I was very excited to see Carmine Di Giandomenico on art duties in Batgirl #41; I love his art style and it looks great in this issue. The sketchy type feel to his lines and characters are fantastic. He gives the issue a ton of movement and “energy” on the pages. Each scene has this sense of commotion or things happening that is wonderful from a visual standpoint.

Giandomenico also adds in tons of details to the world and characters. I can’t imagine the robotic form of Oracle is easy to draw. It has a lot of different parts and wires across its design that Giandomenico captures well. The visual style of Giandomenico also gives Batgirl #41 its own individuality and identity.

Jordie Bellaire‘s coloring work is a perfect fit for Carmine Di Giandomenico’s style. Bellaire does a great job of catching the more “dirty” “grimy” intent of the story with Burnside basically under attack. Bellaire uses a lot of darker tones to wonderful effect. I like the brighter coloration of Oracle as well; it is a fantastic contrast to the darker colors of the issue.


I haven’t read the adventures of Barbara Gordon in a while but I felt right at home with Batgirl #41. Though I jumped in on part 5 of an ongoing story, it wasn’t hard to get caught up with what was happening. The story was fun and engaging and the art looks great. Still, maybe not the best place to jump in if you have never read Batgirl. But, hey, you got to start somewhere.

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