Review – Batman #50 (DC Comics)

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage in Batman #50

Batman #50 is the big event—Batman and Catwoman are finally coming together in holy matrimony! Romance is in the air, batarangs are flying, everyone is ready for the big day! Well, at least we hope everyone is? This is Gotham City, after all, and it’s not like Batman does not have a plethora of rogues that want to end him. Will the city stay quiet long enough for our happy couple to finally tie the knot or does Gotham City truly never sleep?


Batman #50 - The Wedding (DC Comics) main cover art by Mikel Janin
Main cover art by Mikel Janin

So, if you haven’t heard, Batman #50 was spoiled by The New York Times on Sunday! And if you didn’t hear about that, you have certainly seen about a thousand articles about Batman #50 being spoiled and what that spoiler is. Well, if you somehow stayed away from all that, congratulations, and also, no need to worry—this review will remain spoiler-free!

Admittedly, I am not the biggest Batman fan; I don’t really care that much about him. I was not affected by the spoiler because it never popped up anywhere for me except for people complaining about it. Either way, I really wouldn’t have cared. All that being said, Tom King has been doing a stellar job on this series and I have enjoyed his run. Also, that spoiler is not the biggest surprise of the issue, either. I liked King’s framing of Batman #50. Following Batman and Catwoman around for their big day. Getting ready and framing sequences with letters that they wrote to each other. It is a good setup and plays with the format of the issue well.

Storywise it was a pretty good issue, nothing really crazy, but solid, and I feel like it pays off pretty well with that ending. It has me more interested to see where King takes the series from here than this actual issue.


This is where Batman #50 gets a little tricky. Mikel Janin provides the sequential art with June Chung on colors. It is some good sequential art—tight ink lines and good detail. The colors work well, though a little too bright at times. There is a great two-page spread that looks fantastic. It is an almost wraparound shot that is great. 

The way Batman #50 is laid out is Janin and Chung do the sequential of Batman and Catwoman getting ready, while a host of heavy-hitting artists do a page each of Batman and Catwoman throughout the years with parts of their letters to each other. You got people like Tim Sale, Joelle Jones, Jordie Bellaire, Lee Weeks, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Frank Miller, Neal Adams and a host of others. This is pretty cool to see all of these artists do pinups or little one-page sequences with these characters. Each one was a nice surprise to see who popped up next.


For me Batman #50 was okay; having all the different artists was awesome. The story was interesting and I liked the actual ending, though I can’t talk about one thing without spoiling it. I can see why people are upset that this was spoiled, but like I said earlier, that spoiler is not the biggest reveal. I do like what the ending sets up and it actually has me very interested in the stories to come.

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