Review – Batman #51 (DC Comics)

Batman #51
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 9.5/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10


Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: July 18, 2018

Batman’s methods and jurisdiction are questioned in Batman #51.

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Time for Jury Duty in Batman #51

So, if you haven’t heard, previously in Batman #50 Bruce Wayne was left at the altar by Selina Kyle. The internet was in an uproar because, firstly, it got spoiled early! Then DC Comics pulled the ol’ switcheroo: after advertising the big wedding, no one got hitched. You see, if Batman got married, he would be happy, and then he would stop fighting crime, so Catwoman decided not to marry him. The big shocker is, all this has somehow been organized by the villain Bane to break the Bat! That brings us to Batman #51. We find Bruce Wayne being selected for jury duty on a case against Mr. Freeze. A murder trial is on. Mr. Freeze argues that Batman has no jurisdiction with Gotham PD and his vigilante justice should get the case thrown out. Who does Bruce Wayne the Juror side with?


Batman #51 (DC Comics) main cover by Lee Weeks
Main cover by Lee Weeks

Tom King launches into a completely different story in Batman #51. He does not address the whole being left by Catwoman thing directly. What King does well is not directly saying how Batman is dealing with that loss, but showing it through his actions. Maybe he was a little too rough with Mr. Freeze, and now he is questioning his motives. He also allows Dick Grayson to take the Batman mantle up once again and “isolates” himself in a hotel for Jury Duty. I do like the subtle ways King is dealing with the fallout of the previous issue while still giving us an interesting story.

It is not all surprises; by the end of Batman #51, you have a general idea of how this issue will end. While not surprising how it ends, I do like what it sets up. It also has me very interested to where King is taking this particular story. While it may be a little frustrating to not tackle the events of Batman #50, this new story is very compelling in its own right.


It is nice to once again have some Lee Weeks sequential art in my life with Batman #51. He did an incredible pin-up for Batman #50 that is beautiful. He also did that crazy Batman/Elmer Fudd mashup with King a while back. It has been too few and far between seeing his sequential work. Weeks does an incredible job of capturing the mood and atmosphere of Batman #51. With some scratchy ink lines and a knack for catching small details, Weeks adds layers to this story. Weeks does a great job of capturing the “essence” of King’s story. The brooding Bruce Wayne, the courtroom drama—Weeks lays it all out on the pages of Batman #51.

Tom King has gotten to work with some incredible artists throughout his run on the Caped Crusader and Weeks is a perfect fit for this more detective/courtroom drama type story. And we can’t leave out some beautiful coloring work by Elizabeth Breitweiser. She uses some great monotone, almost pale-looking, colors to enhance the “gritty” drama of the story unfolding in Batman #51.


I have stated plenty of times before that I am not a big fan of Batman. But you give me an introspective/brooding Bruce Wayne with a good crime drama, add in some Lee Weeks sequential art, and I am sold. Some people will probably still be upset that this does not directly address the whole marriage thing and/or the whole Bane situation. That is understandable, but I like that King is going for the slow burn with this story and letting it build.

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