Review – Batman #52 (DC Comics)

Batman #52
  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10


Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: August 1, 2018

Mr. Freeze is a supervillain and Batman is a superhero; the trial should be easy, but Bruce Wayne does not see it that way.

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Bruce Wayne Questions Batman’s Methods in Batman #52

Mr. Freeze is on trial for the death of three women. Batman found the evidence and brought him to “justice.” Mr. Freeze even confessed to experimenting on the women to bring back his dead wife. Pretty open and shut case, every juror agrees. Well, except for one; that man is Bruce Wayne. In Batman #52 he is questioning whether Mr. Freeze really did this crime, and also questioning Batman’s method of obtaining his information. Could Batman be wrong? It is up to Bruce Wayne to convince 11 other people he is.


Batman #52 (DC Comics) main cover by Lee Weeks
Main cover by Lee Weeks

Tom King is writing an interesting Batman story with this “Cold Days” storyline that was started in issue #51. I like the idea of Bruce Wayne deconstructing his own actions as Batman. It is all a very intriguing way to look at the Caped Crusader. Bruce is using this trial as almost a psychological look at himself and his actions.

King also continues to use this story to stealthily deal with the whole wedding debacle of issue #50. King continues to take a more in-depth look at the mind of Batman while still delivering a story that captures the imagination of the reader. Batman #52 is an issue that feels a lot longer than 23 pages, in a good way. It has a lot of depth and character work that makes the story feel full. King keeps the reader engaged throughout every page.



Lee Weeks is the perfect artist for this story arc and he continues to prove that in Batman #52. He does some great character work and “acting” during the jury deliberation scenes. His facial expressions and range of emotions are superbly well done. The flashbacks to Batman apprehending Mr. Freeze are beautifully done. The way Weeks sets up the scenes and “shots” is fantastic. Weeks catches the tone of the storyline so well with his work. 

The rougher, more textured line work of Weeks gives the issue a tone and feel of a serious crime drama that King is portraying with his story. The artwork greatly enhances the tension and drama throughout Batman #52.

Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors on Batman #52 are excellent as well. The way Mr. Freeze’s cool blue hue works against the darker color tone of the issue is just stunningly well done. I live every page that we get this dark landscape with this just bright cool blue coloration exploding from around him. It is a superb piece of visual storytelling.


Batman #52 is another great issue in this series. Tom King continues to weave a tale that on paper sounds like it should not work, but somehow it does so well. Lee Weeks and Elizabeth Breitweiser continue to deliver some incredible artwork, filling Batman #52 with some wonderful scenes. I also get an almost nostalgic vibe of Batman the Animated series from these past two issues. From a combination of the artwork and the structure of the storyline, it feels like this story would fit perfectly well in that world. 

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