Review – Batman #53 (DC Comics)

Batman #53 Artist: Lee Weeks
Batman #53 Artist: Lee Weeks
Batman #53
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Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: August 15, 2018

The trial of Mr. Freeze continues as Bruce Wayne tries to convince the other Jurors that Batman was wrong!

“…And Justice for All” in Batman #53

The trial against Mr. Freeze continues as Bruce Wayne makes his last-ditch efforts to convince the other jurors that Batman was wrong. In Batman #53 Bruce Wayne puts Batman on “trial”. Why do we hold the Batman to such a high standard, The Dark Knight is not infallible. Why do the citizens of Gotham put him on a pedestal? Is Batman holding Bruce Wayne back from being happy? The final chapter of “Cold Days” comes to a chilling end.


This has been a weird Batman story.  I guess you could say that for the majority of Tom Kings run on the Caped Crusader. Batman #53 concludes this three-part “Cold Days” storyline of Bruce Wayne as a juror on a case against Mr. Freeze. Bruce Wayne spent the last issue attempting to convince the other jurors that Batman may have made a mistake. Maybe he was too rough in apprehending Freeze and not as thorough in his investigation as he normally is. Maybe something is distracting the Batman. Tom King continues to have Bruce Wayne examine himself as Batman in this issue.

Batman #53 Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews

Batman #53 is another introspective into Bruce Wayne as Batman and deals a lot more with his failed marriage with Catwoman. Tom King is not as subtle with that situation as he has been in the past two issues. He deals with it pretty directly in this issue. It is not the most exciting issue of Batman ever but the story holds your attention in a superbly unique way.

I do like this introspective look into Batman’s mind and I think three issues of this is a good limit. It feels like it ends rather abruptly like there might be a little more to tell with this story/situation, but also I don’t think I would want another issue of Bruce Wayne doing jury duty either.


I would like a lot more issues with some Lee Weeks sequential art with Elizabeth Breitweiser on colors. My, my, my they have delivered some beautiful artwork these past three issues! Lee Week’s pencils and inks continue to look incredible in Batman #53. He gives a rough “lived-in” feel to the citizens of Gotham and their surroundings. It feels like a minimalist style, yet full of wonderful detail. The structure and layout of the issue are fantastic slowly building until the superbly done final page. Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors are phenomenal.  She paints Batman #53 with a haunting vibe that reminds me a lot of Francesco Francavilla’s work

There are a ton of beautiful pages throughout Batman #53. For example, a flashback shot of young Bruce holding his dead parents silhouetted in black with splashes of reds is mesmerizing.  And there’s a beautiful two pager showcasing some of Batman’s infamous rogue’s gallery. Breitweiser splashes some mesmerizing colors behind Lee Week’s depictions of Batman battling these infamous villains.


This “Cold Days” storyline has been a pretty interesting look into Bruce Wayne’s mind.  For me, it has been a good Batman story. I do feel bad for anybody that hasn’t read Batman in a while and tries to figure out what this is. While Batman #53 does end this story rather abruptly and leaves a few threads dangling, overall it is a good issue and probably ends this story before it got stale. I am going to miss Lee Weeks on sequential art.  I need more of that in my life.  That goes for Elizabeth Breitweiser on colors as well. After the final page, it will be very interesting to see where King is taking this story.

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