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Batman Beyond #28
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  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.75/10
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Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciler: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Travis Lenham
Cover Arists: Pasqual Ferry & Dave McCaig
Variant Cover Artists: Chris Stevens & Sunny Gho
Group Editor: Marie Javins
Editor: Rob Levin
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: Jan 30th, 2019

Things come full circle in Batman Beyond #28. One of Bruce’s greatest villains is back, and one can only hope that Terry is up for the challenge.

Batman Beyond #28 Brings Some Things Full Circle

If you’ve been following the most recent reboot of Batman Beyond, then you’re already aware that one of Batman’s greatest villains is back. You probably also know exactly how bad that is. Batman Beyond #28 brings events full circle, and we learn that sometimes it really is better just to leave the past where it is…


Batman Beyond #28 (DC Comics) main cover by Pasqual Ferry
Main cover by Pasqual Ferry

Batman Beyond #28 was an intense issue, by any standard. A lot of iconic Batman moments resurfaced, some in the most painful ways possible. Though I’ll confess that there is something oddly satisfying about seeing some of these themes repeated once again.

As someone who firmly believes that Batman Beyond should have more of its own antagonists (rather than reusing ones from Bruce’s time as Batman), I have to admit that they’ve done a decent job with this plot arc. Dan Jurgens took something that had originally made me cringe and roll my eyes, and turned it into something that has truly made me anxious. I’m both looking forward to and dreading the next issue in this series.

The titles for the issues in this plot arc have done a great job of summarizing what’s happening; but they also, admittedly, offer some spoilers too. Given that this issue ends with the title for the next issue, and that so far the titles have been spot on, that leaves me somewhat worried for Batman Beyond #29.

A lot of the older arguments in Batman series managed to resurface here. They’ve been coming up a lot lately. But this one really hit home, showing us once again the reason why these arguments exist—the reasons why so many people have to distance themselves from Bruce after time. It was rough…but also really well written.


The cover for Batman Beyond #28 was an interesting choice. It served its purpose in telling us what was to come (as it’s something that’s been building for a few issues, this didn’t feel like too much of a spoiler). But the choice to have it be two images superimposed together…it makes it feel different. But it also did work, in its own way. Though I’ll confess that I liked the alternate cover more, even though it doesn’t hint at what’s inside as well.

The creative team behind Batman Beyond #28 really knocked it out of the part here. Brett Booth did the lines, while Norm Rapmund did the inking. Andrew Dalhouse did the brilliant colors, and Travis Lenham’s lettering perfectly complemented and blended in with the art.

This issue did a great job of sticking to the styles I’ve come to expect from Batman Beyond. They also managed to add subtle details—like having everyone in the Batcave shown in a light blue hue to indicate they’re washed in the light of dozens of screens.

The fight scenes are where this issue really shone. They were brutal, and I swear at times I really could feel the impact of what I was seeing. More than one impact made me cringe for the sake of the person who took it.


Batman Beyond #28 was an intense read. For a plot arc that I hadn’t intended, or truthfully wanted, I have to confess that they’ve been doing a brilliant job with it. They’ve meshed the old and the new seamlessly, leaving us with a tale that holds up to some of the classic moments in the Batman series.

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