Review – Batman Beyond #29 (DC Comics)

Batman Beyond #29 (DC Comics)
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Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover: Pasqual Ferry & Dave McCaig
Variant Cover: Shawn Martinbrough & Andre Szymanowicz
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: February 27th, 2019

While the latest plot for Batman Beyond has been somewhat surprising, they somehow managed to up the ante for Batman Beyond #29.


Batman Beyond #29 Brings an Unexpected End to the Current Plot


The most recent plot in Batman Beyond has admittedly been quite surprising. Personally, I’m still expecting some sort of fakeout or twist to occur. It’s not like this character hasn’t figured out a way to trick Batman and the fans again and again… This plot has been somewhat controversial, going back to roots and bringing up old Batman villains and allies. Still, they proved that they could take it and turn it into something truly anxiety-inducing. Batman Beyond #29 did a solid job of blending the old and the new. It brought all of the tension seen in classic Batman comics and pulled it into Terry’s world. It’s a world that is, in many ways, unprepared for the brutality of this particular villain.


Batman Beyond #29 Variant Edition (CA) Shawn Martinbrough (DC Comics)
Batman Beyond #29 Variant Edition (CA) Shawn Martinbrough (DC Comics)

There are some plot arcs that must be extremely difficult to wrap up. I imagine that this was one of those plots. I’ll admit that the whole lead-up to the end of this issue was extremely intense—I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. However, the actual conclusion was somehow lacking the satisfaction I expected. This is partially because it doesn’t actually feel like the plot is concluded. There’s this sense that the other shoe is going to fall any moment. Considering the character we’re talking about here, that’s probably not too surprising.

Dan Jurgens did a brilliant job with Batman Beyond #29, all things considered. He made the issue tense, leading us to truly believe that the worst was about to happen. He preyed on our expectations and knowledge of what this antagonist has done in the past. It allowed him to skip smoothly forward to the parts he wanted to tell. It was quite clever.

Despite how long it has been since we saw some of these characters in action (in regard to the timeline, that is) it really did feel like time naturally progressed for them. Their core values were still in place, of course, but time has dulled or sharpened them accordingly. It was fascinating to see.


The artwork for this issue was fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed the base design of the Jokerz, so it’s no surprise that I’m happy whenever I see them show up. The other character designs were well done as well. The fight and setup scenes, in particular, were exceptionally rendered. It really did help increase the anxiety of the moment.

There was a large creative team involved in this issue. Brett Booth provided the lines and base of the work. Norm Rapmund did the inking, as you can easily tell from his bold lines. Andrew Dalhouse was the colorist—and also the person I give full credit to for how brilliant the fire, in particular, looked. And finally, Travis Lanham was the letterer for this issue. There was a lot going on in these pages, but he managed to fit the text in and do so without having it be obtrusive.


I honestly don’t feel like this plot is truly concluded. Just like the last plot involving this antagonist, he has a way of coming back around. I think I’d be less content with the conclusion if I thought it was truly the end, though.

The lead-up in Batman Beyond #29 more than made up for any lack in the conclusion. It was intense, and at more than one point looked like something truly awful was about to happen. They stuck to developed character roots to write the story, and thus everything mostly made sense, even without having to be explained. It worked well.

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