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Batman Beyond #30
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Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Doc Shaner
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover Artists: Christ Samnee & Matthew Wilson
Variant Cover: Ben Oliver
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: March 27th, 2019

Everyone is still reeling from what happened in the last issue; meanwhile, in Batman Beyond #30 Terry is debating whether Matt should continue his role.


Our Heroes Are Still Rattled in Batman Beyond #30

A lot went down in the last issue of Batman Beyond, so it’s really no surprise that all of the characters are still reeling. After all, this antagonist is not one that Matt or even Terry was truly prepared for. And Bruce certainly never expected to see him again. Batman Beyond #30 is finally asking all the right questions. It brings up the classic ethical debate us Batman fans love—is it morally acceptable for a Batman to always have a Robin? Is it okay for an adult to bring children into danger like this? This issue will be perfect for fans with strong opinions on that subject. At this point, though, any fan that has been following Batman knows perfectly well how dangerous the role of Robin truly is.


Batman Beyond #30 (DC Comics) main cover by Chris Samnee
Batman Beyond #30 (DC Comics) main cover by Chris Samnee

Dan Jurgens did not pull punches with Batman Beyond #30. He dragged the Robin debate out into the open, and with good reason. It’s an age-old debate, but it’s also not one fans have tired of. At least, this fan certainly hasn’t.

In a way, it has been refreshing to see some of the Batman tropes come full circle. But what has been even better have been the reactions of those that lived through those times. Seeing them step up and try to prevent that circle from beginning again? It speaks volumes about how they feel now.

There were some interesting moments woven throughout this issue, most of them with no attempts at being hidden. Seeing how Matt handled what past issue was necessary to open the conversation, of course. But the little revelation at the end? Oh boy, has that one raised a lot of questions.

To be honest, I still don’t know how I feel about dragging classic Batman villains into Batman Beyond. I loved the series when Terry was facing his own versions of all the villains, like the Jokerz. The conclusion to the last issue raised a lot of questions and eyebrows, and apparently, they’re set to do it again here.


Doc Shaner and Jordie Bellaire did a brilliant job on the artwork in Batman Beyond #30. The expressions, in particular, are worth highlighting—which is fortunate, since the reactions of all the main characters were so vital to this issue’s plot.

The design of the Jokerz has always been something I’ve enjoyed. And while we’ve been seeing them struggle as of late (can’t feel too bad for them, when it’s the law that’s been rounding them up), it was nice to see a handful of new and unique character designs from them.

The intentional shadowing of a few pivotal scenes did not go unnoticed either. It’s clear who they want us to think is making an appearance, but the shading makes it impossible to be sure. I’ve no doubt that they’ll reveal the truth with time.


Batman Beyond #30 took a turn for the series, forcing characters to stop and assess what is important and who is capable of what. Tough decisions were made. More importantly for us fans, past mistakes were actively discussed as a debate raged.

The setup for the following issues was a different choice, but given the pattern they’ve been taking lately, it makes sense. It would be nice if they let that lie for a bit though, and instead throw a few Terry-specific antagonists our way. Or rather, his way.

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