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Batman Beyond #33
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Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Rick Leonardi
Inker: Ande Parks
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Cover Artists: Chris Samnee & Mathew Wilson
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: June 26th, 2019

“Lost Daze” part three! Defeated at the hands of the Splitt, Batman radios for help. But Bruce Wayne doesn’t seem to have the same knowledge and experience Terry has relied on over the years from his mentor. Meanwhile, Melanie Walker tries to get to the bottom of everyone’s strange behavior by breaking into Arkham Asylum. Will she make a shocking discovery that will help Terry the way Bruce seems unable to?


Get Ready for a Double Take in Batman Beyond #33

Lately, in Batman Beyond, Terry has been facing a new villain. Or rather, a set of villains. But that isn’t the main focus in Batman Beyond #33. Something much worse is happening behind the scenes, and it’s going to take some help to sort it out.

This issue is going to be perfect for fans that have been wanting to see more of Melanie. It’s also perfect for fans of classic Batman villains. In short, if you’ve been following the series for a while now, you’re probably going to enjoy certain elements in this issue.


Batman Beyond #33( DC Comics)cover art by Chris Samnee
Batman Beyond #33 (DC Comics) cover art by Chris Samnee

Batman Beyond #33 had a lot of elements up in the air. But Dan Jurgens managed to balance it all with ease. Now Terry has two separate issues he has to deal with, and I’m honestly looking forward to seeing how he juggles all of it.

There were a lot of moments in this issue to love. For example, I’m still loving the fact that they gave Terry another new villain exclusive to him. I know it’s something I’ve said before, but I really feel like this series excels when he gets new antagonists. That being said—the appearance of a classic in this issue was certainly interesting.

I may be biased in one of the reasons I enjoyed this issue: Melanie had a larger part in it. I adore her character. But lately, I had thought it was odd that they kept showing her in the background, while not doing much with her. Finally, that seems to have changed!

There were some parts of this plot that could be considered somewhat heavy-handed, but I honestly feel like it fit in well. It was obvious that something was wrong, even when they were still showing us the more subtle moments in that. But honestly, taking it a step further did help with the drama of it all.


The artwork in Batman Beyond #33 was more or less exactly what I expected—which is a good thing. There were three artists on board for this issue, which explains why it looks so good. Rick Leonardi did the pencils, Ande Parks inked, and Chris Sotomayor was the colorist for this issue.

There were a few moments and elements that I really felt were outstanding. For example, the panels showing us scenes that were clearly being shown on the big screens? There was a slight patterning over them. Not much, but just enough to remind us of the digitization happening. And of course, the fight scenes were fantastic, even if they were relatively brief.

The expressions in this issue were also noteworthy. There are a couple of panels in particular that went above and beyond (no pun intended) when it came to showing emotions.


Batman Beyond #33 was a fun read, for the most part. They’re still adding in new elements, while pulling from classic Batman at the same time. It’s an interesting balance, but it’s honestly working. My biggest question is: how will Terry manage to deal with multiple issues and antagonists at once?

Even though we could all see the major twist in this issue coming, it was still interesting. Though anything involving Arkham tends to be interesting, so that might not be saying much. I’m hoping we’ll see something bigger happen because of this one.

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