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Batman Beyond #36
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciler: Rick Leonardi
Inker: Ande Parks
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Released: September 25th, 2019

Batman Beyond #36 brings back an old ally, while also showing us how quickly allegiances can change, when everything is on the line.

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Batman Beyond #36: A Tale of Allies and Enemies

Batman Beyond #36 picks up on the cliffhanger from the last issue, delivering on the promise made to all the fans. In this issue you’ll find an old ally returned, along with a series of events almost too quick to follow.

Things have been a little rocky for Terry lately. Ever since an old Batman enemy reared his head, he and his friends and family have had quite a lot to deal with. If only Terry knew just how much was at stake – or even what was going on. 

The most recent plot has done a fantastic job of bridging the two Batman series, by having a classic enemy and a brand new enemy (well, enemies) running around the city at the same time. Naturally, any peak in the plot would be especially dramatic, given all that is going on. And that’s what made Batman Beyond #36 such a fun read.



Batman Beyond #36( DC Comics) cover art by Chris Samnee
Batman Beyond #36( DC Comics) cover art by Chris Samnee

Dan Jurgens has been consistently upping the ante in the latest Batman Beyond plot, and I’ve got to say it’s been working out well. For the readers it is, not so much for all of the characters involved. It’s been thrilling seeing the blend of the old and the new – a balance that the series always craved.

Batman Beyond #36 had a lot to say, and only a little bit of time to do so. Yet Jurgens managed to set the pace perfectly. He even fit in several fights for the fans, as well as a few other dramatic moments along the way. And let’s not forget that foreshadowing conclusion. That is one I’m sure fans will have theories about (I know I do).

I’m really enjoying the groove this series has gotten into lately. It’s similar in tone to the classic Batman Beyond animated series, while also not being afraid to do its own thing. The current plot has been full of risks, which is an excellent way of keeping readers invested.



Batman Beyond #36 matched the tone and artwork of the series as a whole of late – but it threw in some twists along the way. Here we’re seeing some characters we never expected to see again. And that means we’re seeing an aged version of a classic character. All things considered, they did a decent job making his changes completely believable, while still having it clear who was on the pages.

Rick Leonardi (pencils), Ande Parks (inks), and Chris Sotomayor (colorist) were the artists behind this issue. And you can clearly see how they all had a flair for the dramatics. From the bold figures to the dramatic shading and lighting, every moment felt like it was about to burst at the seams.

Travis Lanham was the letterer for the issue, and he had a lot to work with here. As always, there were the standard dialogues, but also the ones portraying long-range communications. And as always, these two were delightfully distinct.



Batman Beyond #36 was a dramatic issue, fulfilling all of the promises of the last issue, and then upping the ante. While it did resolve a couple of the larger plot arcs, there are still tendrils left to hook us into the next wave.

There is a lot for fans to love in this issue. Especially those who are fond of the guest star, or of Ten. But there’s still a long way to go before everything is wrapped up all nice and neat.




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