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Batman Beyond #37

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Sean Chen
Inker: Sean Parsons
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

Terry, and therefore Batman, is still missing in Batman Beyond #37. But in times of need, Gotham can always find a hero.


Batman Beyond #37: Batwoman Returns?

Batman Beyond #37 is one of those issues that will raise questions along with pulses, as fans wonder who on earth is behind the cowl. Fans of Batman know and love one of the many characters to branch off from the character: Batwoman. But in the time of Batman Beyond, who is it that is stepping up into the mantle?

This issue is continuing the plot triggered by the last several issues, with Terry still missing—and worse, he’s still suffering from the loss of his memories. And Gotham is suffering without the caped hero. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before somebody else stepped up to do the job. It’s a cycle we’ve seen time and again, and the futuristic setting hasn’t changed that one bit.

Batman Beyond #37 (DC Comics) main cover by Lee Weeks
Batman Beyond #37 (DC Comics) main cover by Lee Weeks

Batman Beyond #37 is going to be one of those issues that triggers a ton of fan theories. Even the characters involved can’t seem to agree on who it is running around, saving the day. I know I personally have a theory, as well as a character I hope it to be. What about you?


Dan Jurgens has been keeping the series busy, throwing our characters from one dynamic plot to the next. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. If anything, we’re facing yet another major buildup. Batman Beyond #37 continues Terry’s plight, but it also introduces several new elements to the mix. And honestly? I’m fascinated by what Jurgens is doing here. With a new hero (Batwoman), it only makes sense that there would also be new antagonists.

The biggest mystery, of course, is who it is behind the mask of Batwoman. The writing so far has been ambiguous enough to leave it slightly open-ended, which is a clever way to get fans theorizing and talking. And of course, now we’re waiting on bated breath for the reveal—which will hopefully be in the next issue.

The buildup and reveal towards the Batwoman sighting was exceptionally well done. If it wasn’t for the fact that Batwoman was on the covers, it would have taken effort to start guessing who was behind all of the superheroing.

As far as Terry’s plot is concerned, I’m finding it interesting, naturally—we all want to see him safely back at home with his memories. But his plot is getting slightly eclipsed by the Batwoman plot, and that’s probably okay in the short term.


Batman Beyond has always had a strong sense of style and really knows how to show off a good fight or two. All of that and more can be found within the pages of Batman Beyond #37. The explosions are as bright as ever, and I’ve got to say, the way they obfuscated Batwoman’s identity was very cleverly done.

There was a whole slew of artists working on this issue, and it paid off. Sean Chen was the penciller, with Sean Parsons doing the inking, and Chris Sotomayor providing the colors. And finally, Travis Lanham did the lettering. Together, this team has created one of the more memorable issues of Batman Beyond.


Batman Beyond #37 was a dramatic issue, and that’s probably the understatement of the year. The appearance of another classic hero in this timeline is highly exciting, especially given everything else that is going on.

I took a day after reading this issue before I sat down to write a review. And honestly? I can’t stop thinking about Batwoman and who it could be behind the mask. I have two solid theories (both of which are mentioned by name in the issue), and on the whole, I’d be thrilled to see either one of them here. But I wonder, does anybody else have a theory? And it is one of these two, or a third character we’ve been overlooking?

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