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Batman Beyond #38

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Sean Chen
Inker: Sean Parsons
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: DC Comics
Released: November 27th, 2019
Maturity Rating: T

Batman Beyond #38 brings about a change in Gotham. Once again a new hero has stepped up to fill in the gap – and she’s giving it her all.


Batman Beyond #38: Who Is Batwoman?

With Terry out of commission, it’s time for another hero to step up and save the day. And thus, a Batwoman enters the scene. Batman Beyond #38 asks the important questions, such as who is she, and what is her goal?

Who would have ever expected to see a Batwoman in the era of Batman Beyond? I certainly didn’t, not that I’m complaining by this sudden change in events. The last few issues of this series have been bringing about a lot of changes, and this new appearance is only the beginning.

Batman Beyond has lately been making a concentrated effort to tie together the old and the new. Old characters and villains have been making appearances. Sometimes in altered forms (such as being retired), and sometimes staying the same. It’s been interesting to try and predict what the next inclusion will be.


Batman Beyond #38(DC Comics) Cover art by Lee Weeks
Batman Beyond #38 (DC Comics) Cover Art by Lee Weeks

Batman Beyond #38 knew that fans were going to be eager to get answers – and fast. And yet it didn’t really feel rushed to throw us a bone. Instead, it had a bit of fun addressing the elephant in the room, all while dancing around the truth. It was quite cleverly done when you think about it.

This issue was the ideal balance of intrigue, tension, and even a bit of humor. There’s a lot up in the air right now, thanks to the multiple plots of the series. And the list of questions seems to be growing longer with every moment.

It’s actually impressive how Dan Jurgens has been able to balance so many different threads at once. And it’s making it impossible to predict how any single set of events is going to conclude, or what major twist or revelation is going to come next.

Fans of the classic series are going to be fascinated by the final twist in this issue. While also being a bit concerned about what that is ultimately going to mean. It’s going to be a long month waiting to see what happens next.


Batman Beyond #38 featured a lot of dramatic moments, from the revelations it carried to the fighting. It’s no surprise that there’s plenty of opportunities to show off the new Batwoman and her fighting skills, thanks to the plot at hand. But it’s been more than that as well.

Sean Chen provided the pencils for this issue, while Sean Parsons did the inking. Together they created some intense moments, and several dynamic poses as well. The characters were full of expressions – with a few standout panels in particular.

Chris Sotomayor was the colorist for this issue, and they’re responsible for the vibrant colors being used. Even the night scenes feel so full of life and color. And of course, there’s the striking color palette of Batwoman – the iconic red and black.

Travis Lanham was the letterer for this issue, and he did a delightful job of it. His work was unobtrusive in it’s finest, and yet told us all of the vital information needed.


Batman Beyond #38 was a fascinating issue, one that simultaneously danced around the issue while addressing the elephant in the room. This new Batwoman is a tough lady – but she’s also not as experienced as the original. At least the fights she’s getting into are fun and exciting. And that has left us eager to see the next issue in the series.




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