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Batman Beyond #43

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Sean Parsons and Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: T
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: May 26th, 2020

“The Eradication Agenda Part One” begins an all-new plot arc within Batman Beyond #43. As it turns out, some heroes can’t catch a break, even while new allies are stepping up to the plate.


The Path of a Hero in Batman Beyond #43

Things have been fairly hectic in this futuristic Gotham, and with good reason. As Batman Beyond #43 is quick to remind us, our heroes (and allies) have been facing many changes. After all, their story is far from over.

Terry McGinnis has adjusted nicely to the role of Batman over the years. But it was only recently that he was forced to come to terms with the idea of having allies also carrying the mantle. Namely, his own Robin—and a Batwoman.

Batman Beyond #43 (DC Comics) variant cover by Francis Manapul
Batman Beyond #43 (DC Comics) variant cover by Francis Manapul

All of that is to be shifted to the sidelines, as another ally is put into danger. Which naturally means we’re about to see either an old or new enemy come into the mix. There truly is no rest for these heroes.


Being the start of an all-new plot arc, Batman Beyond #43 had a whole lot of ground to cover. Yet, oddly enough, “The Eradication Agenda Part One” didn’t feel all that rushed. Instead it merely felt like there were several series of events all occurring at the same time. Which is essentially more or less two.

The balance of multiple events is key in a series such as this since it allows for simultaneous wrap-ups and beginnings. It’s also a balance that Dan Jurgens seems to have nailed. There certainly is no shortage of events happening within his world. There’s honestly a lot to react to in this issue. Lots of commentary, debates, and elements worth discussing in-depth. Granted, that would make this review full of spoilers. Let’s just say that the debate of becoming a hero has come up once again, while other heroes (ex-heroes?) never seem to catch a break. It’s almost ironic, having those two moments paired off against one another.

Since this is merely the opening act, it’s difficult to predict where we’ll end up being led to, or how far the story is going to push the boundaries of this world. But it will be fascinating to find out, especially considering who is involved this time around.


Batman Beyond #43 may have a lot going on, but that didn’t hold the artwork of the series back at all. In fact, there are several satisfying battle scenes—done up in the style we’ve come to expect from this futuristic hero.

This issue had a solid artistic team, so there really shouldn’t be any surprise about the quality of the work. Sean Chen (pencils), Sean Parsons (inks), Norm Rapmund (inks), Chris Sotomayor (colors), and Travis Lanham (letters) all worked together to bring this story to life. The action is full of movement, with added levels thanks to the aerial elements. The decision to set many of the scenes in the rain was an interesting choice, yet it enhanced the impact on more than one occasion (while being a solid reminder of the drama that can come with comics).

What I really enjoyed about the artwork in this issue is that it felt like they were taking a few more risks here and there. The texture felt new and different—but in a great way. The world certainly hasn’t lost its sheen, not by a long shot. But the rain and shielding all over are having an effect.


Batman Beyond #43 was another interesting addition to this series. As a longtime fan (of both Bruce and Terry), it’s always fun trying to guess how far any one plot will go. I’m feeling that more than ever, with the introduction of a blast from the past.

Previously, the characters mentioned created one of the most dramatic moments in the series (which is saying something, since I’m including the animated show in that count). Only time will tell if we’re setting up for another heavy hit.


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