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Batman Beyond #46

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Sean Chen
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Maturity Rating: T
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: August 25th, 2020

Batman Beyond #46 continues the “Eradication Agenda”, all while raising the stakes—and lowering the temperature.


A Battle Against Time in Batman Beyond #46

Characters old and new are coming together for Batman Beyond #46, and it’s all in an attempt to save the world. It seems like the stakes always end up being that high, and yet Batman—any version of Batman—can’t turn away from it.

Batman Beyond #46 (DC Comics) variant cover by Francis Manapul
Batman Beyond #46 (DC Comics) variant cover by Francis Manapul

The League of Assassins have upped their game, and in turn, they have become one of the biggest threats around. Big enough to warrant four heroes all joining forces. And even that might not be enough.


Batman Beyond #46 continues the “Eradication Agenda”. This is quickly turning into one of the most epic events and fights of Terry’s run. That’s saying something. Suddenly he has new allies, old friends, and so much more at his side, as well as one of the biggest threats he can imagine.

Written by Dan Jurgens, this issue takes Terry’s plot out of this world. Literally. This is a plot that takes the series farther than ever, something that some fans will surely love, and others will hate. It’s going to be a decisive plot all around.

There are elements of this plot that hold up, and then there are parts that did a better job of breaking the immersion. On a personal level, I couldn’t get over all the details strewn about, with the clear intent to set the stake. In reality, it made me pause, do the math, and frown. While it is technically possible, the time-crunch is a little bit beyond even Batman levels.

All things considered, this was an intriguing issue of Batman Beyond. It brought multiple elements and characters together and created something new out of it, even though it may not be exactly the sort of event fans of the show will recall seeing.


The artwork inside Batman Beyond #46 is bold and dynamic. And with good reason, given the creative team involved. The fights are eye-catching, and there’s no hiding from the level of danger that is (not so) slowly creeping across the earth.

Sean Chen was the lead artist for this issue, bringing the characters to life. Despite how much time has passed for some, they’re still easy to identify, as are the leading characters, for more obvious reasons. There are several noteworthy settings in this issue, and Chen did a brilliant job with all of them.

Chris Sotomayor provided the colors, and they truly bring the issue to new heights, in more ways than one. The colors are bright and striking. The backdrops are elegant, and the elements (literally) grab the eye.

Finally, Travis Lanham providing the lettering, and they did a fantastic job, as always. You can really feel the impact of some of the blows and explosions, thanks heavily to the way their sound is portrayed. Not to mention all the finer details and balancing provided by the lettering.


Batman Beyond #46 was an interesting balance of old and new. Old fan favorites combined with new threats and stakes. It’s a team that fans probably never expected to see, but, to be fair, the characters involved probably didn’t see it coming, either.

The clear reference at the end of the issue (and title of the next one) was very much appreciated. Gotta love a creative team that are also fans themselves!


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