Review – Batman The Drowned #1

Batman The Drowned #1

Drown Out the Light

In Batman The Drowned #1 we are introduced to a dark multiverse Batman who has an affinity for water, well kind of. This Batman is named Bryce Wayne and after losing her love Sylvester (that makes me laugh every time, it has to be intentional) she has gone quite mad and rid her universe of its meta-human problem, that is until Aquawoman shows up and the Atlanteans drown Gotham. This drives Bryce to “enhance” herself and make her into this new “aquatic-bat-demon” she has now become. After snuffing out the “light” in her universe the man who laughs show her more “light” that needs to be vanquished on Earth-0.

Batman The Drowned #1 Cover by Jason Fabok
Batman The Drowned #1 Cover by Jason Fabok

So obviously this is a tie-in comic to the ongoing Metal event happening in DC comics and for a tie-in comic, a enjoyed Batman The Drowned #1. Dan Abnett firmly introduced this new character and set her up as a severe threat to the DC Universe. Abnett did a good job of delving information out in Batman The Drowned #1 while not “drowning” the reader in too much exposition or dumping a lot of information at once. Batman The Drowned #1 is basically an origin story for this Dark multi-verse Batman and it is pretty interesting and serves as a good read and tie-in to the main event.


So Batman The Drowned #1 has two artist credits Philip Tan and Tyler Kirkham and two colorist credits Dean White and Arif Prianto, usually, this is cause for concern when opening a book, but while noticeable when the art does change it serves the book pretty well and does not distract from the story being told. The art team seemed to have merged quite well together and there are some really cool scenes in Batman The Drowned #1. The battle between Aquawoman and Batman on Earth-11 is brutal and when Batman decides to augment herself to battle the Atlanteans on her earth it has some great “Frankenstein” type imagery to it. I really like the “dingy” color scheme that the colorist gives the issue. As this Batman’s whole deal is drowning out the light almost all the scenes have this dark tone to them that really fit the issue.


Batman The Drowned #1 is a pretty good tie-in issue to DC’s ongoing Metal event. This dark multi-verse Batman definitely has some problems going on with her and Dan Abnett brings out her darkness onto the page. The art team does a good job of blending together and bringing this story to life. If you want to follow this storyline you will have to pick up Batman The Merciless when it comes out. While I am not sure how pertinent it is to read this to the ongoing event or if it will really matter if you read all of these tie-ins or not, but it is pretty cool to get another backstory to these dark-universe Batman’s and really come on how can you not laugh that this Batman’s love was named “Sylvester” that is just classic right there!

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