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Batman/Superman #1
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Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Alejandro Sánchez
Letterer: John J. Hill
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: August 28, 2019

Batman and Superman must team up to find out what six heroes The Batman Who Laughs has infected before they destroy the DC Universe!


No Laughing Matter in Batman/Superman #1

Batman/Superman #1 finds our titular heroes on the hunt for The Batman Who Laughs (who desperately needs a new name). It seems this Batman from a different Earth (see Dark Nights: Metal) has a new plan. He is going to infect six DC superheroes with the same virus that turned him into a murderous psycho killer. Who are those heroes and how will Batman and Superman stop them? You will have to check out the issue to find out.


Batman/Superman #1 (DC Comics) cover art by David Marquez
Batman/Superman #1 (DC Comics) cover art by David Marquez

Joshua Williamson does a solid job in Batman/Superman #1 setting up this story. I am not fully caught up with the whole Batman Who Laughs stuff, besides the general things. Williamson makes this issue easy to jump into. He explains who the villain is and what he is all about in a few short pages and the adventure is off.

Williamson does a fantastic job of characterizing Batman and Superman. It has been done a lot, obviously, as Bat and Supes have teamed up numerous times across decades, but it is always fun to see different writers’ takes on their relationship. Williamson does a great job with the inner dialogue of the two as they try to solve this mystery. It is a good insight that helps set up the stakes of the series.

I also like that Williamson makes this series feel very high-stakes right off the bat. Williamson sets a tone and feel for the series right from the first introduction pages. You get that ominous feeling as you start the issue and he keeps that going through the final page to its exciting conclusion.


My main reason for picking up Batman/Superman #1 was David Marquez on art. This is his first DC book after becoming exclusive to them. Marvel screwed up hard letting this guy go! Till this day I still think about his work on The Defenders series. He is such a great detailed artist. His layouts and structure of pages are unparalleled. Just the way he depicts movement and impact across pages is beautiful.

His character designs are fantastic. I was sad to see him leave Marvel because there are so many characters over there I wanted to see him tackle, but also excited to see what he has in store for the DC Universe. He obviously gets to tackle two of DC’s heaviest hitters in this issue. I adore the way he draws Superman. He looks big and strong but not overly muscular. He gives him that calming sweet presence that Supes needs. The Batman costume also looks phenomenal. Marquez streamlines it and highlights the excellent simplicity in it.

I was excited to see Alejandro Sánchez coloring Marquez’s work. Sánchez’s coloring on Justice League was delightful so I was happy that he got paired with Marquez. I like that he went a little flatter and brighter with his coloring palate. It works extremely well in Batman/Superman #1. It matches the tone and feel of the series perfectly. It’s just dark enough to have that serious effect on the story. But it has a brightness to it that brings about a sense of hope.


Batman/Superman #1 is a great start to this series. Even if you are not familiar with the whole Batman Who Laughs stuff going on in the DCU you can still pick this up and thoroughly enjoy yourself. The story and mystery are delightfully engaging and the artwork is some of the best you will see on the stands.

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