Review – Bionic Woman #2

Based on events in Kevin Smith and Phil Hester’s recent The Bionic Man series, the first two issues of The Bionic Woman from writer Paul Tobin and artist Leno Carvalho are filled with a nice balance of action and exposition, giving readers all they need to know about heroine Jamie Sommers, her bionic powers, and the increasing danger she faces as a government agent/experiment.

Issue two begins with Sommers speculating about the possibility that an as-of-yet unnamed entity responsible for stealing bionic technology from recent “prototypes” might be hunting bigger fish – i.e. Jamie herself, and other full-fledged bionic agents of the O.S.I.  As we quickly find out, she is spot on with that prediction.  The villain is revealed (but not here – you’ll have to read the book for that) and the grand sinister plot is given a bit more depth by the end of #2.

Tobin and Carvalho work together to create a story that provides readers with information about Sommers’s bionic powers (both legs, an ear, an arm and a brain that can tap into the O.S.I. network at any time to do handy things like find potential targets of the bad guys, and transfer 10,000$ into a friend’s bank account to keep her safe) without awkward lists or strained exposition.  The action in issue 2 is non-stop.  The upside of this is readers are not likely to get bored.  The downside, we are left with little sense of who Jamie is and what sets her apart as a character, other than her bionics.  Still, there is plenty of time for character development in issues to come and I hope we will see Sommers an her friends, as well as enemies, given a bit more depth soon.

All in all, a good read.  Recommended.

The Bionic Woman #2 was published by Dynamite Entertainment on May 30th and is now available for purchase.

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