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Bitter Root #1
Bitter Root #1
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Bitter Root #1

Writer: David F. Walker, Chuck Brown
Artist: Sanford Greene
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release: November 13, 2018

The team of David F. Walker and Sanford Greene is back and bringing Chuck Brown along with them to bring us a tale of monster hunters in New York City in the 1920’s. The Sangerye family will face all kinds of evil from the supernatural to the human kind.


“Where Monsters Dwell” Bitter Root #1


I have been waiting on Bitter Root #1 for a long time. I loved Sanford Greene’s and David F. Walker’s run on Power Man and Iron Fist a few years back. After that run was over I was excited to hear they were teaming up again and bringing in writer Chuck Brown for a passion project. What we got is Bitter Root. A tale of the Sangerye family in the 1920’s. They are monster hunters, from a long line of monster hunters. It is a family business and it brings a lot of drama into the fold. Tragedy strikes and the Sangerye family not only have to deal with the prejudice of being African American in New York in the 1920’s but also being the ones that take care of what goes bump in the night!


Bitter Root #1
Bitter Root #1 Artist / Cover: Sanford Greene

I have been a fan of David F. Walker’s work at Marvel Comics from the after mentioned Power Man and Iron Fist, his Nighthawk run and the highly underrated Occupy Avengers. He has a great sense of character voices and bringing an individuality and voice to a whole cast of characters. There are a lot of different characters in Bitter Root #1 and Walker does a good job of giving everyone an individual voice and attitude. This is my first exposure to Chuck Brown’s writing. I would be interested to see the breakdown of the story between Walker and Brown.

I love the whole story concept of Bitter Root #1. A family of monster hunters in the 1920’s. I do wish we got a little more time with characters. My main complaint is that the story switches too often. I didn’t really get a “feel” for some characters and the story’s seemed like it switched to different locations too often for the amount of pages. That is a minor complaint as I really loved everything in Bitter Root #1. I just wished it didn’t switch from character to character so often.


Sanford Greene has always been an incredible artist, but my gosh he has leveled up in Bitter Root #1! He puts so much energy on the page. Bitter Root is absolutely filled to the brim with incredible art. Greene waste no space at all. The amount of detail he puts into the pages is incredible.

The characters are delightfully detailed. Greene does a fantastic job of putting all kinds of little components into the characters to bring them to life. I love the ghostbusters/steampunk type vibe he gives to the monster fighting gear. His layouts are incredible as well. The action flows so nicely and is just stunningly done.

The colors are splendid as well Greene along with Rico Renzi use a wealth of colors to bring the story to life. I love the use of purples and pinks throughout some scenes. The lime/ooze type green absolutely jumps off the pages!


Bitter Root #1 is a solid piece of work. You can feel the creators passion for the project throughout the pages. If the story didn’t switch up too often it would almost be a perfect book. I love the characters, the story concept and the art is absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favor and pick up Bitter Root #1 this week.

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