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Bitter Root #2
Bitter Root #2
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Bitter Root #2

Writer: Chuck Brown & David F. Walker
Artist: Sanford Greene
Colorist: Rico Renzi & Sanford Greene
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release: December 12, 2018

Berg and Cullen have been put on the ropes by the strongest creature they have ever faced. Something is different about this Jinoo something very different!


“Bring da Ruckus”


The Sangerye family were once the greatest monster hunters in the world. But hard times fall on us all, and the Sangerye family is no different. That doesn’t stop them from protecting 1920’s Harlem from the supernatural, though. We last saw Berg and Cullen up against a monster stronger than they have ever faced; with Berg down for the count, it is up to the inexperienced and not-so-combat savvy Cullen to save the day. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger appears in the deep south of Mississippi, all in Bitter Root #2.


David F. Walker and Chuck Brown have some killer dialogue and scripting in Bitter Root #2. It is exciting, poignant, and funny all at the same time. This issue was just a delight to read from beginning to end. They walk that line between writing a story with something to say but also being incredibly fun at the same time. Bitter Root #2 hits that mark perfectly. I found myself chuckling several times and excitedly turning from page to page to see what happens next.

The only big thing story-wise that bothers me is Bitter Root feels like it moves a little too fast at times. I kind of wish we could have seen these characters do a couple of smaller things while the bigger plot was built in the background for a while. It hasn’t given us a lot of time to get a grasp of any of the characters. While it is incredibly fun to read, it is missing that character interaction to connect with them. We need, like, an ’80s-style montage of them doing some monster fighting or something.



Bitter Root #2
Bitter Root #2 Artwork by Sanford Greene

Sanford Greene continues to deliver some of his best work in Bitter Root #2. I talked a lot about how his art seems to have “leveled up” in my review of Bitter Root #1, and he continues to do some incredible work in this issue. I love his bold ink lines and all the texture he adds to characters’ faces. Also, I love his character design and overall aesthetic for this series. He catches that 1920s-with-a-little-quasi-futuristic vibe. 

His creature designs continue to be wonderfully done; the supernatural aspect of the book looks great, and he does some incredible layouts as well. The perspective and scene structure is superbly done throughout Bitter Root #2. Greene also adds in a wealth of background detail that is just icing on the cake.

The only thing I am not 100% sold on art-wise is the coloring. The coloring at times feels a little off or out of place. In some instances, it works well, having everything bathed in a neon shade of green or pink; in other instances it kind of throws everything off for me. It is not bad but I am just not sure if I personally like it or not.


Bitter Root #2 delivers an exciting read and makes this series a must-read for me. I have some slight hang-ups story-wise and do wish it slowed down a little bit to give us more character connection, but overall is a great read. The dialogue is fantastic and the plot has some nice twists and turns. The art continues to be wonderfully done as Sanford Greene delivers some of his best work to date. In my opinion, you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not reading Bitter Root.

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