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Bitter Root #3
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Writer: David F. Walker & Chuck Brown
Artist: Sanford Greene
Colorist: Sanford Greene & Rico Renzi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Mature
Release Date: January 9, 2019

Berg has been transformed into a Jinoo and the family doesn’t know how to turn him back. Will an estranged member of the Sangerye family help out or will Berg kill them all? Down in Mississippi Ford finds something very interesting! 



“Me and the Devil Blues” Bitter Root #3

A lot has happened to the Sangerye family in 2 issues. Cullen and Berg ran into a Jinoo like none they had ever seen in Harlem. Powerful and vicious, it even infected Berg, turning him into a monster, something the family of monster hunters had never seen before! What they don’t know is that these monsters are actually Doctor Sylvester and Miss Knightsdale, who are apparently some type of shape-shifting creatures. Now in Bitter Root #3, the Sangerye family tries to cure Berg before he tears the family apart, causing them to reach out to a family member that may not want to help.

While Jinoo start popping up all over Harlem, Doctor Sylvester and Miss Knightsdale come out in the open. All the while, down in Mississippi, Ford Sangerye and his new be-funded partner may have found the source of it all!


Bitter Root #3 (Image Comics) Cover A by Sanford Greene
Cover A by Sanford Greene

I really enjoyed the pacing and structure that Chuck Brown and David F. Walker employed in Bitter Root #3. Right now we have three separate consecutive stories going on that, in the future, will probably collide. But for right now they are all separated. The writing team does an excellent job of switching between the Sangerye family in Harlem trying to cure Berg, Doctor Sylvester and his plot, and the things happening down in Mississippi. They place the story breaks to leave you eagerly awaiting what is happening in that story while still excited to see what is happening in other places. It is paced like a good television episode.

In Bitter Root #3, I do feel like the story is moving a little too fast, though. It feels like we are missing a little connection with the characters. We know their basic motivations and sensibilities but other than that there is no real connection to them. I wish we would have some time just to hang out with the Sangerye family and get to know them a little better.

Chuck Brown and David F. Walker do continue to use the backdrop of the 1920’s America and the inherent racism to create some good commentary on the social aspects of the story. Using the Jinoo monsters and the Sangerye family being African American as the protectors against the creatures with the events in Bitter Root #3 makes for some great talking points.


Sanford Greene continues to do some tremendous work in Bitter Root #3. If you have read my reviews of issue #1 and #2 you know I have absolutely been loving his art in this series! This issue does not feel as “tight” as the past two but it is still beautiful to look at. He does some beautiful panel work in Bitter Root #3. Greene does a superb job balancing the story switches with great layouts. Sometimes the story switches between the Sangerye family fighting monster Berg, Doctor Sylvester and Ford in Mississippi all on the same page. Greene structures those switches perfectly; it is never confusing as to what is happening, and it is easy to follow. The color changes with Rico Renzi also help tremendously with the switches; each “story” has a little different color palette.

Greene’s imaginative character and monster design also need to be praised. With each issue of Bitter Root, he delivers some wonderful new creatures; he continues to do that with Bitter Root #3. There are some really cool-looking monsters throughout this issue. I also continue to love the almost “steampunk”/ghostbusters designs for the Sangerye family’s outfits and weapons. It just adds this really cool vibe to the series.


Bitter Root #3 is another excellent entry to this series. While it does feel like the story is missing a little something to make it truly great and the art in this issue does not feel as “tight” as the previous two, you still are not going to want to miss out. Some crazy things happen in this issue and things are not looking good for the Sangerye family!

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