Review – Black Cloud #1 & #2

Black Cloud #1 & #2


A summary of Black Cloud’s expansive content and a world-building storyline is nearly impossible. Based on these first two issues, the possibilities for the course of this book are limitless. Latour and Brandon work together to create a surreal, fast-paced storyline that defies genre and exceeds expectations. 

Zelda is an anomaly in our world. She was brought into our reality from a world of dreams- where the biggest ideas are the brightest, and magic crafts incredible worlds. She possesses an old magic, another type of dreaming that is special and strong. In our world, her magic is a commodity for mortals. Normal people long for a taste of the magic she knows; a chance to experience the power of dreaming and creation. Zelda needs these people to be hooked on her specific brand of magic because the real world isn’t kind to her fairytale life. 

Black Cloud #1 Cover
Black Cloud #1 Cover

When Zelda becomes involved in a plot to use her old magic to questionable ends, she ends up stranded and struggling to fix mistakes she made in both worlds. With magical world-building, reality-bending conflict, and an underhanded politician who just wants to “Dream Huge”, the next step for Zelda and Black Cloud is bound to be great.


With such a stellar artistic team on this book, it is no surprise that the artistic journey of Black Cloud is one of the most gorgeous, poignant examples of graphic art in comics today. Greg Hinkle, known for his work on Airboy and The Rattler, delivers the perfect art to accompany this innovative script. His use of heavy, dark lines, detailed background imagery, and angular facial structure lends a strong artistic perspective to the book as the plot intensifies. Hinkle helps Zelda bridge the real world and the dream world by creating two distinct worlds, with distinct artistic renderings, that are connected through his signature style. 

Black Cloud would not be the multi-layered book that it is without the color story that accompanies the plot. Matt Wilson, perhaps most notable for his contribution to The Wicked and the Divine, brings a similar deep, trend-setting color palette to Black Cloud. The use of greyscale and pervasive colors is integral to the plot and the melding of the two realities experienced by the reader. Wilson is the perfect colorist for this comic, and the color story he brings to the book is one of the best components of the series thus far.

Black Cloud


Black Cloud is well on its way to being one of the best series of 2017. In a market flooded with post-apocalyptic nightmares and constantly changing iterations of Superhero lore, this dark fantasy adventure is a welcome change of pace. The story is very fast-paced, but with the worlds evolving and interacting, there are no limits to where this story can go.

Look forward to seeing Zelda and her adventures hit comic shelves soon, on a journey to a possible Eisner Nomination. Fans of Fables, Wayward, or fantasy and mystery, in general, are sure to love Black Cloud.

Black Cloud #1 Releases April 5th, 2017.

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