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Black Science #39
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Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Matteo Scalera
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Letterer: Rus Wooten
Editor: Sebastian Girner
Production Artist: Erika Schnatz
Variant Cover: Kevin Maguire
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: M
Release Date: March 27, 2019

Grant McKay always swore that he would do whatever it took to get back to his children; now he’s succeeded.  But in doing so, he may have just sacrificed eternity. The Eververse is collapsing on itself and in order to regrow the Onion, Grant along with the Anarchists League of Scientists will have to do battle with Doxta; the evil tyrant ruler and witch who stole Grant’s intellect. 

Journey to the Center of the Eververse in Black Science #39

It was seven years ago that I stood in the “graphic novel” section in my favorite book store. I was in the thralls of my own personal comic book renaissance and grew interested in exploring titles and characters beyond that of the usual cape and cowl crew. After a few minutes of browsing on my own, I spotted a member of the staff and quickly waved him over. He listened politely to my request, and then without hesitation snatched two TPBs off a nearby shelf. Two titles that would change my life forever: Saga and Black Science.


Black Science #39 (Image Comics) cover A by Matteo Scalera
Black Science #39 (Image Comics) cover A by Matteo Scalera

The release of Black Science #39 also begins the swan song of Grant McKay and his Anarchists League of Scientists. To recap, the Eververse has collapsed upon itself. Human existence is a fabrication, and Grant and Sara may have just sacrificed eternity in attempting to get back to their children, Nate and Pia. While Grant admittedly doesn’t possess the intellect he once had, he can still reason that the Eververse was created—hence it can be re-created. But before they attempt to regrow the onion, they’ll have to do battle with Doxta; the evil witch who stole Grant’s genius.

After all the insanity that’s been happening in the world of Black Science, Rick Remender is allowing readers a chance to catch their breath. Though there is such a thing as a “slow” issue of Black Science, this certainly felt like more of a foundational issue than months prior. Like Remender is setting the stage for the final act. Despite lacking action, there were some pivotal moments throughout that seem to be foreshadowing events to come. First and most obvious is Kadir’s exile. This, to me, feels like it will be the ultimate act that seals the fate of Grant McKay; always quick to burn a bridge rather than try and mend a fence. The second is Grant and Sara’s romantic encounter. Rebirth and renewal are ever-present themes in Black Science; Sara getting pregnant could serve as the “Prime Mover” that reignites the fires of the Eververse. 

I felt genuine relief and happiness at seeing the McKay family reunited. I’ve always felt that the reason why Black Science resonates so strongly is that it always feels immensely personal, like a journal for Remender’s insecurities and fears surrounding marriage, fatherhood, and brilliance. Grant McKay is Remender’s black mirror, a reflection of a man he hopes he’ll never become. The incorporation of true human emotion in all its complexities is something that Remender does perhaps better than anyone else; it’s what I’m going to miss the most. 


Congratulations go to Matteo Salera for producing arguably the most memorable page of the entire series; I call it the “family reunion.” It’s a heart-warming full-page spread showing the members of the McKay family embracing for the first time in years, tears filling their eyes. You can’t help but catch the ‘feels,’ and with no disrespect meant to the countless amazing pieces he’s contributed over the years, Black Science #39 will go down as one of the most significant, artistically, in the entire series.

Much the same can be said about colorist Moreno Dinisio; time and time again he has consistently proven that he is one of the very best working today. As imaginative and elaborate as Scalera’s art is, it’s Moreno’s colors that truly highlight the mastery of the artwork. The way he incorporates the use of blacks and his talent with shading and shadow make the overall reading experience incredibly immersive.


It’s been an emotional year so far for comics; all of my favorite titles are coming to an end. But although it’s sad to see them go, I’m happy that they’re going out with a bang, rather than fading with a whimper. I will always be grateful to Rick Remender for reigniting my love for comics. Beyond that, I feel so lucky to have been along for this incredible journey through the Eververse from start to finish; to the center of the onion and back again. Black Science #39 reinforces everything I love about the series and gives loyal readers a glimpse of things to come. 

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