Review – Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10

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Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10

Writers: Margaret Dunlap
Narrator: Sarah Natochenny
Series Description:

Someone has stolen the Black Widow’s blood. Now she must find them before it’s too late.

As Natasha Romanoff follows the trail across the globe, she discovers she wasn’t the only target. Whoever is responsible stole Bucky Barnes’ blood, too. And one thing is certain: anyone who wants the blood of the Widow and the Winter Soldier needs to be taken down, and fast. Despite a tangled web of shared history stretching back to their Red Room days, Barnes and Romanoff must join forces, confronting the demons of their past as they race to protect their future. A single drop of blood could be all it takes to save the world—or destroy it.”

Released: June 23rd, 2020

The hunt continues in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10. Natasha is closer than ever to her quarry, the question is; how will she take them down?

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A Surprising Twist In Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10


A favorite heroine is still on the hunt in Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10. Somebody has made the mistake of crossing her, and they’re going to pay for what they’ve done. All she has to do is track them down.

The last we saw of this dangerous heroine, she and her ally were prepping to take on a new mission. One that would hopefully get them closer than ever to their target. All of which shows how much work goes into the planning stages of any attack – even ones involving vengeance.

Black Widow: Bad Blood is an ongoing series from Serial Box. Each Tuesday a new episode drops, allowing fans to indulge in another adventure from the one and only Natasha Romanoff. It’s currently one of three Marvel series on the platform, with hopefully more to come.

White Nights

Black Widow - Bad Blood
Written by Lindsay Smith, Margaret Dunlap, Mikki Kendall, L.L. McKinney, and Taylor Stevens. Edited by Taylor Stevens. Art by Jamie McKelvie. Narrated by Sarah Natochenny.

Natasha always makes everything look so easy and flawless. Be it taking on a group of armed and angry men, or simply breaking into a high-security location. This episode is made all the more refreshing thanks to the additional insight it provided. 

That isn’t to say that she struggled with her job. But this episode did do an excellent job of showing Natasha’s thought process. Margaret Dunlap has done a brilliant job of showcasing everything Natasha has to offer, including the way she thinks.

Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10 is an episode full of surprises. From the very beginning, it’s entertaining and amusing, though it rapidly progresses to concerning. As any good story involving the Widow is wont to do.

There are several layers within this episode, and all of that makes it all the more intriguing. No longer is this simply a tale of revenge. It’s become something more along the way, and I for one cannot wait to see how it progresses from here.


Sarah Natochenny is still at the helm of this project, lending her voice to the Black Widow and bringing her to life. Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10 is a series of moments, forcing Natasha to emote more than ever.

It’s unsurprising, given that she is now fully into her latest mission. That means new personas are picked up and dropped. It’s hard to evoke that feeling, yet the narrative did an excellent job of portraying all of that, and more.

There are other details that really shone through in this episode as well, from what is afflicting Natasha to the rising tensions surrounding it. It’s enough to leave readers anxious for the next episode.



Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 10 is everything that fans could have wanted from this moment. I’m including myself on that list. The writing is richly detailed, intense, and completely full of surprising twists. This is a tale that has done justice to a beloved character, proving that her story fits nicely in a new storytelling format.

I’m having trouble believing that there are only four episodes left of this season. It’ll be sad to see it come to a conclusion. Natasha’s story has quickly become one of my favorites, and I sincerely hope that we’ll be seeing more adventures like this in the future.

As mentioned above, Serial Box currently has three Marvel series available. Black Widow and Jessica Jones both have series that are actively updating, while Thor‘s season has come to a conclusion. Next up on the docket: Black Panther.




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