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Brother Nash Vol. 1
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  • Art - 7.6/10
  • Overall - 8.1/10
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Writer: Bridgit Connell
Artist: Bridgit Connell
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Titan Comics
Release: November 13, 2018

Do you like truck driving down American roads, CB radios blazing, the wide open road? What about guys that turn into wolf-men, or zombie bugs? Action buddy comedies with a little horror thrown in? If any of this piques your interest then pick up Brother Nash Vol. 1!


“Boys, keep off the moors, stick to the roads.” Brother Nash Vol. 1

Truck driving antics, buddy road trip, ghosts, werewolves! Brother Nash Vol. 1 has it all! Brother Nash Vol. 1 collects issues #1-3 of comic that boasts a mash-up of Teen Wolf, American Gods, and Hellboy. Nashoba “Nash” may seem like your everyday friendly truck driver taking long hauls along the U.S. highways with only his friend and fellow driver Ray to talk to on the CB radio. The thing is, Nash is far from normal; he can see the dead, help them, and turn into a werewolf. Nothing is too strange for him and his friend Ray on the road. But when giant bug people start attacking and his sister gets involved Nash is in for one crazy adventure!


Brother Nash Vol. 1 (Titan Comics) trade paperback cover by Bridgit Connell
TPB cover by Bridgit Connell

I don’t want to give away too much of Brother Nash Vol. 1 and I will stay spoiler-free, but I loved the story Bridgit Connell wove! I had no clue what Brother Nash Vol. 1 was about until I started reading it, and it was a wild ride. I love all the Native American mythology and other mythological things mixed into the story. It made for a new and interesting twist to things like werewolves and the other creatures featured in the series. Connell did a fantastic job of dropping the reader into the story and letting everything slowly be revealed. She lets everything come out at its own pace. In the beginning, it can be a little confusing as to why some things are happening, but it all is eventually explained in a good way and at the appropriate time, for the most part.

The characters are fantastic in Brother Nash Vol. 1. Nashoba has a very strong presence that you can feel in his words and how he acts. He has this kindness in him that comes through. He is a big strong Native American trucker who has the heart to help people. It is a great contrast to the beast that is inside of him. His friend Ray is great comic relief along with being very well written as a trusted ally in the supernatural fight. Nash’s sister Billie plays as the conduit for the reader, as she does not understand any of what is going on when the story starts. Connell does some great character work throughout this first volume. She makes all the characters work extremely well together. 


Along with writing, Bridgit Connell also does the art for Brother Nash and it is a good cartooning style for the series. It is very animated and the characters are more cartoonish than realistic. It fits the far-out-there story and helps bring some levity to the whole story. There are some minor flaws here and there sometimes the characters look a little off on some panels and some angles seem a little strange. I would have liked to see Connell play a little more with different panel structures and layouts as well. Those are just some small things; overall I dug her style for this series. There is a great sense of energy and emotion coming off the pages and it makes it a lot of fun to read.

Anybody who has read my stuff for a while knows I have opinions about werewolves and what they should look like. I am happy to say when Nash wolfs out he looks great and fierce as he should be. I love Connell’s designs for all the fantastical creatures we see throughout the story as well. We get some delightful monsters to gaze at throughout the series. 

Connell also does some great coloring work, the lighter tones work extremely well with her cartooning style. She also does a superb job with character acting and displaying the characters’ emotions, just not through their faces, but body language as well.


I can’t believe I am just now getting into Brother Nash. This series is right up my alley. I love all the supernatural and mythological aspects Connell throws into her story. Not only that, but the characters are a ton of fun to read as well. The more cartoony art style fits well with the tone and feel. Connell hits the right notes of taking the story seriously, but not too seriously at the same time. It is a fine line that Connell walks very well. This volume felt like a great movie that you could watch over and over. A great story that is fun and exciting but also has a lot of heart to it.

Brother Nash Vol. 1 is not the perfect comic book, it has its flaws, but I loved reading it. I can give it the highest praise in that when I finished Brother Nash Vol. 1 I wanted more! I wanted more time with these characters and more crazy adventures and I hope Bridgit Connell brings them back very soon!

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