Review – BSG vs BSG #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

BSG vs BSG #1

Brothers of Man

Call it fate or brilliant marketing, but sooner or later this was going to happen. The two Battlestar Galactica (BSG) universes finally collide in this epic new series from Dynamite Entertainment.

Secrets are revealed and lost legends return to face a new Cylon threat.

BSG VS BSG #1 Cover by Roberto Castro

This is probably one of those crossover series that never should have happened. The premise is actually quite ridiculous when you think about it. But it is here and that is a good thing.


This first issue started off surprisingly unpredictable. The return of a classic BSG character was a nice way to begin. After reading halfway through, it’s not hard to realize that writer Peter David has a well-thought-out and intricate story in mind. The set-up isn’t immediate but doesn’t drag itself out either. This is a good sign because far too many crossovers take too long to develop then rush through to the end.

Peter David was the perfect choice to tell this story. He understands science fiction and he understands comic writing. He takes great care in his writing. Let’s hope that he can prevent this series from falling prey to long-winded dialogue and slow development.

It’s fair to say that you probably need to be a fan of either of the BSG series or at least familiar with them to understand what is going on in this first issue. It reaches back into the lore of the classic BSG television series, so some readers might be confused when they see that Commander Cain isn’t an Admiral…or a woman.


Sadly, one area where this issue suffers is the artwork. Johnny Desjardins’ art is beautifully colored by Mohan but lacks coherent detail. Except for just a few panels, the art looks sloppy, as if it was rushed to completion. It is frustrating since cover art by Desjardins and Mohan as well as from other artists is all well done. 

One particular area where the art was exceptional was the Cylon Kali. She was well developed, drawn, and colored. The reptilian race of Cylons was never really seen much in the classic BSG series. Desjardins’ interpretation of them for this book is truly inspired.

It was particularly disappointing that Commander Cain wasn’t the grizzled Lloyd Bridges version from the ’70s TV show. Now the character is unrecognizable from his classic counterpart.


The first issue of BSG vs BSG is surprisingly entertaining. The unpredictable beginning was refreshing. Had this been crossover episodes of the two television series, the epic themes of the two could be heard at the appropriate times in the reader’s mind. The timing of when one ends and the other begins is perfect. Peter David has done well mixing the two universes without losing their individual nuances. No matter which series you’re a fan of, there is something for everyone.

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