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Burnouts #1
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Burnouts #1

Writer: Dennis Culver

Artist: Geoffo

Letterer: Dave Dwonch

Publisher: Image Comics

Maturity Rating: Mature

Release Date: September 19,2018


In Burnouts #1 we are introduced to a threat only a few can see. It’s a fun ride as they either have to be high or buzzed to fight this threat. 


Burnouts #1


The premiere issue of Burnouts is here. A comic that I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on. A tale of an alien invasion but the only way you can see the threat if… you’re wasted. Following Andy Christopher Curtis this inaugural issue show how he gets mixed up in this world.


At the center of the story, Dennis Culver introduces Andy Curtis as our hero. A typical nerd as he gets good grades doesn’t do anything wrong and is of course shy. He sits in class quietly while the Burnouts make disruptive comments. Looking on as they challenge the teacher at the front of the class as he tells his students to stay away from drugs. The Burnouts are the school losers. The stoners who are a tight group of friends that watch out for one another. Andy can’t help but look on and get a little bit envious. Jealous of the genuine fun they seem to have with life.

Burnout #1 (Image Comics)

A fun that he explains to his friend Seth, that is something he wants to experience. As he unsuccessfully attempts to convince him to go to a party. Seth just won’t have it and warns Andy against it as well.  It’s at the party where Andy takes a hit off a joint, that he begins to see things. Green aliens floating around taking over students in a possession like fashion. Eventually, the Burnouts at the party explain to him that they are the few that can see what is actually going on. Because of that, it is up to them to save the world.

It is a fun story and the characters are instantly likeable. From even Seth who doesn’t want his friend to go down a wrong path, to the Roach brothers who will verbally assault a dog on the street. It is baffling to me that this book has a mature rating though. It’s an exciting story with heart, so I assume the rating comes from the casual drug use. But so far the story could be accessible and relatable to anyone starting out at high school.


Geoffo’s first time leading on a book and it is knocked out of the park. If you’ve seen his work on Marvel Rising, it’s a similar style that he brings to Burnouts. The designs on the aliens are just creepy enough that when splattered by a baseball bat it feels somewhat satisfying. The slight red tint to the eyes of the characters also helps us to know who can see the aliens. It’s a nice little detail that adds to the overall story and is a small shout out to stoner culture.


Burnouts #1 was worth the wait. A stoner, sci-fi comedy that anyone can pick up. Culver and Geoffo’s introduction to the series and characters leave me excited for more. To see the how the relationships change adding a nerd to the group, and what is the overall plans that the aliens have? It’ll be fun to see them save the world as they put it “one puff at a time”.


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