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Canto #2
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Writer: David M. Booher

Artist: Drew Zucker

Colors: Vitor Astone

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Maturity Rating: Everyone

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release: July 24, 2019

Canto begins his journey to save his love. Escaping his slavers was hard but what lies beyond the borders of his town is anyones guess?


The Journey Begins in Canto #2


Our hero sets his feet into a wide new world in Canto #2. When we last left our hero in Canto #1, he was bound and set for a journey. Not one by choice but necessity. His people have been enslaved for as long as he remembers. Their hearts taken and replaced by clocks. Not allowed to love or to even be given names. Canto though has a name given to him by his love. When the slavers found out they badly damaged her clock. But legends tell of a hermit outside the encampment Arcana. A person who may know how to fix the clock! Canto knows the journey will be dangerous, he has met and “fought” giant creatures the Malorex’s that lurk out there. But what lies beyond is truly mysterious. What danger and adventure await young Canto?


Canto #2(IDW Publishing) cover art by Drew Zucker
Canto #2(IDW Publishing) cover art by Drew Zucker

David M. Booher continues to impress with his writing in Canto #2. The first issue laid out this world and its stakes superbly well and this second issue dives into the adventure. I love the way Booher has started the first two issues with a story being told about a knight and it melding in with the story of Canto. It effectively evokes the journey Canto is going on. I like the story parallels and it works great for a storytelling method. 

Canto #2 continues to also have a fantastic tone and feel. Again it evokes those strong tones of some “darker” animated films I talked about in my review of the 1st issue. There is not a ton of dialogue in Canto #2 so it relies heavily on Booher’s script and the artwork to get the story across which we will get to in a minute. The pacing of this issue is a lot different from the first issue. This issue slows down a lot. As the first issue got the exposition of who, what, when, why and where now we are ready to explore Canto and this world. 

I like that the story takes a little slower pace with this issue. That we kind of get to sit with our lead character and get into his head and emotions as he starts this journey. It is a great changeup from the first issue and helps the story and world feel “full” as well.


As noted previously the artwork in Canto #2 pulls heavy duty in the storytelling department. A lot of things happen silently that Drew Zucker catches extremely well. I can’t express how wonderfully Zucker gets emotion out of the lead character Canto with just his eyes and body gestures. You can tell exactly how the character is feeling by the way his eyes looks and how he holds his body. It is some great cartooning from Zucker.

He also has some great panel work in Canto #2. The action sequences are laid out exceptionally well. There is a real sense of energy and excitement throughout the pages of the series. I won’t spoil anything but the creature designs continues to be delightful as well. I also continue to love the design of Canto. The knight helmet with the rounder body and short limbs just looks perfect for the tone of the series.

Vittorio Atone delivers some superb coloring work as well. The dark tones and texture he adds continue to evoke the “darker” feel of the series, while he adds in some beautiful bright colorations as Canto leaves the encampment of Arcana.


Canto #2 is a great entry into a surprisingly good new book from IDW Publishing. Canto came out of nowhere for me and the 2nd issue continues to build a strong story and narrative that has me hooked in. The creative team works really well together on this series from the writing to the art and colors everything perfectly matches to give that darker yet still kid-friendly tone. The character designs fit the story perfectly. Everything works superbly well together to build this wonderfully weird strange world that yet still feels familiar. If you are looking for a new series to jump onto I suggest Canto. You can easily catch up with only being two issues in and it is surprisingly entertaining and touching with equal parts excitement and heart.

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