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Canto #5
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Writer: David M. Booher

Artist: Drew Zucker

Colorist: Vittorio Astone

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Maturity Rating: Everyone

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release: October 2, 2019

Canto and his friends fight the deadly Furies as the Emerald Tower and the Shrouded Man loom in the distance. 


Canto #5 “Let Them Fight”

The penultimate issue of the journey of Canto is here in Canto #5. His adventure has brought him all the way to the City of Dis in the shadow of the Emerald Tower where the Shrouded Man dwells who holds his love and his people’s hearts. He must make it to the Emerald Tower and retrieve his love’s heart to save her. But between Canto and the Tower are the Furies. The Shrouded Man’s warriors are not only fierce in physical combat but they will also poison the mind with doubt.

Luckily, Canto’s trusty Malorex is by his side and his newly found warrior friend is here to help her people as well and is ready to fight! Canto and his friends battle the Furies as the adventure of Canto starts to come to an end.


Canto #5(IDW Publishing)cover art by Drew Zucker
Canto #5(IDW Publishing)cover art by Drew Zucker

Canto #5 would almost be a little bit of a letdown in the story department if the action wasn’t so well done and it did not add some interesting plot points leading up to the final issue. Note I used the word “almost”. This is still and incredibly fun issue and the fight between Canto and his friends vs the Furies was fantastic. It is just story-wise not that much really happens. It does not progress much more from where we left off in the previous issue.

I do enjoy that Booher added in some mental attacks by the Furies casting doubt into the mind of Canto; it is a nice little twist in the battle. It also shows us the courage and mental fortitude Canto has built up through his journey. The battle also shows Canto’s growth in self-confidence. In the 1st issues he was willing to fight but hesitant; we see now there is no hesitation in Canto, that he knows what he must do and how he has grown since the 1st issue and the beginning of his journey.

There is a nice twist at the end as well. Obviously I won’t spoil it. Booher does a good job of mixing in the “knight story” that has been told at the start of each issue of Canto. A story that Canto kind of uses as his “motto” for his adventure. Booher does a great job of mixing this little “fable” that Canto holds dearly into the mix of the story.


As noted Canto #5 is a good showcase of Drew Zucker’s art as most of the issue deals with the battle against the Furies. Again, the Furies have a wonderful design as these demonic-looking angels. I also really like that we get to see Canto’s new warrior friend in action. Zucker gives her a great fantasy “ranger elf” type class design that is tremendous. She also has a great animal friend “Zixia” which is a bird/dragon-like creature that has human-like feet. Which is at first really threw me off, like how did I miss that in the last issue? But it does work with the design.

What truly excels in Canto #5 is Zucker’s action sequences. He depicts energy and movement magically across the pages. The fight against the Furies is wonderfully well illustrated. There is a great sense of motion and or movement across the pages. Zucker lays out the fight scene well sequentially and it is not only action-packed but very dramatic as well.

Coupled with Vittorio Astone’s colors, visually, Canto #5 looks fantastic (as the series always has). I loved the rainbow coloration of Zixia’s feathered wings. It looks great under its golden yellow skin and jumps off the pages.


Though the story may not get pushed along as much as I would like, Canto #5 is another excellent issue in this series and has me very excited to see what happens in the final issue of this mini-series. The action sequences depicted in this issue are superbly done and it is a visual treat to look at the pages. We only have one more issue to go: will Canto retrieve his love’s heart and save the day, or is there something more sinister at hand?  


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