Review – Captain America #699 (Marvel Comics)

Cap Rises in Captain America #699

So, in the previous issues of Captain America, Steve Rogers was once again frozen and thawed in the future. This time though, he was not gone for too long, only until the year of 2025. Apparently, that was long enough for nuclear fallout and the “elite” to take over America! No worries though, as Captain America is back once again and in Captain America #699, he is doing what he does best. Protecting freedom, hope and slinging his shield for justice!


Captain America #699 – Cover Art by Chris Samnee

Captain America #699 is just what I need from a Captain America story. Waid delivers Steve Rogers at his best, protecting the downtrodden and fighting for what is right. You get great scenes of Cap fighting evil forces and delivering heroic speeches while standing tall in the face of evil. I feel Waid is delivering what draws people and me personally to Captain America in the first place. He is someone that stands up for what is right no matter what. He does not care what others think of him and faces a threat head on, no matter what Cap is going to fight for what is right until he can’t. 

Obviously, this is all building up to the big issue #700. While I will remain spoiler-free, the end of this issue leaves it very vague as to how that issue is going to pan out. Obviously, the news came out recently that Captain America will be relaunched with a new creative team soon. So we know Cap is not staying in this future, but I still do not know what will happen in issue #700 as Captain America #699 has a pretty solid ending.


If somebody was to ask me “Hey Brent, what does great comic book art look like?” I would throw them a copy of Captain America #699. My gosh, Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson put on an absolute master class of sequential art! This issue is absolutely beautiful. I adore the way Samnee draws Cap, the classic costume has never looked better and the grace and movement he shows in the action scenes are phenomenal. Samnee’s cartooning is top notch; he gets so much expression from the eyes and faces of the characters. Plus, they throw in The Thing and The Hulk in this issue. Having Samnee draw those two characters is just icing on the cake!

Matthew Wilson just needs to stop it on colors. The coloring of Caps costume is absolutely perfect; it pops off the pages perfectly. The colors almost work too perfectly. Everything just looks so stunningly good, I really cannot find fault with anything art-wise in this issue!


For me, Captain America #699 was a nearly perfect Captain America story. We get Cap standing up for the little guy, making big speeches and throwing his shield. Add that to some magnificent artwork and you got yourself one heck of a superhero comic book. I loved every minute of this issue. This surprised me because I was not the biggest fan of the previous issue, and then this comes along and totally redeems itself!




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