Review – Captain America #700 (Marvel Comics)

Hope is Not a Plan in Captain America #700

Captain America and his ragtag group of rebels have overthrown King Babbington and set America “free” once again. Steve knows that freedom does not come without a price and the fight is not over. In Captain America #700 Steve Rogers takes on leading an entire country. Fighting back invading forces, re-setting up infrastructures and bringing people back together. Steve Rogers “Captain America” has always been a leader and a good one at that. Leading Earth’s Mightiest against godlike threats is one thing, but bringing America back to its greatness might force Cap to his limits.


Captain America #700 cover by Chris Samnee
cover by Chris Samnee

Captain America #700 is a superb piece of writing by Mark Waid. Setting Cap up in this “future” world and then making him the “King” of America is an interesting plot. This issue has Steve dealing with a lot of things that push him. Not only does he have to fight armies, which he is used to, but he has to juggle how to feed a nation and how to rebuild the whole infrastructure that was destroyed when he was frozen once again. Waid makes Captain America think and continues to bring out the best in him. 

Waid also makes Captain America struggle in this issue. He has to deal with situations he never has before and it puts him in places he does not like to be. But Cap does what Cap does and he rises to the occasion in Captain America #700. The backup story, pulled together from story material by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, is a nice touch for issue #700. Waid does his best to tale a classic short story that hits all the notes of a good Captain America story from that era.


There is not much to say that I have not said in previous reviews about Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson. They continue to be a tremendous team that is delivering some of the best artwork in comics right now. My gosh, there are some beautiful pages throughout Captain America #700. Samnee continues to superbly structure these pages and panels, making the story flow dramatically well. He hits the tone and feel of Captain America perfectly.

Matthew Wilson’s coloring is stunning. There are several scenes in Captain America #700 where Cap is in the shadows. Wilson does a wonderful job with those scenes, having the shadows play off the color of his costume. The white star stands out perfectly and his light blue fading to dark looks fantastic. Wilson also does a delightful job coloring the artwork of Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia. Wilson brings this short story to life with his brighter colors.


Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Matthew Wilson have definitely put their stamp on Captain America. They have told a wonderful trove of stories throughout these past 5 issues and Captain America #700 is a shining achievement. Waid is staying on after this issue as the writer but Chris Samnee is gone (hopefully Matthew Wilson is staying on), so there will be big shoes to fill in Captain America #701. But for now, just enjoy a delightful Captain America story that will remind you why Steve Rogers is Captain America and why he is so revered among the Marvel Heroes and someone we can all look up to!

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