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Captain America: Marvels Snapshots
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Captain America: Marvels Snapshots

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Ramón Pérez
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 24, 2020

The Madbomb has devastating effects on New York City, but as the heroes fight to save the City, one place and people are often forgotten. Look at this classic tale through a different lens. 


“A Different Point of View” Captain America: Marvels Snapshots 

Kurt Busiek assembles a wealth of talent for his new Marvels project. Much like the Marvels stories we love, Marvels Snapshots take some classic Marvel Comics stories and look at them from a different lens or perspective. In Captain America: Marvels Snapshots we look at the classic Jack “King” Kirby Madbomb tale. But as Captain America and his friends fight the Madbomb’s devastating effect across New York City, we see what happens to Felix and the South Bronx, a Borough that is often forgotten. 

Captain America: Marvels Snapshots (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Ramon K. Perez
Captain America: Marvels Snapshots (Marvel Comics) variant cover by Ramon K. Perez

What happens when a smart kid and a town lose everything and nobody comes to help? What happens when Advanced Ideas and Mechanics comes to town promising something better in life? An old tale told in a completely different way in Captain America: Marvels Snapshots.


It seems I have been reviewing Mark Russell a lot here lately. But I can’t think of someone better to write Captain America: Marvels Snapshots. If you read Russell’s work he is always very politically, socially, economically, and religiously minded, and inserts a lot of that into his stories. From Wonder Twins to Killing Red Sonja, he always has a little message. This story also probably couldn’t have hit at a more precise time, either, for what is going on in America right now.

Not going into any spoilers but Russell touches on what happens to a kid when all hope is lost. When the heroes are gone and his town is still left with the after-effects of a maddening attack. It is a cognitive look into life with a superhero twist to it. Russell takes the Jack Kirby Madbomb story and lets us look at it from a completely different view.

Captain America: Marvels Snapshots is not tongue-in-cheek, funny Russell either. This is a very serious Mark Russell. I was waiting for some kind of quick joke or some type of more humorous take that you come to expect from him; you won’t find it here and that is perfect for this story. It is a more serious look into this situation and Russell does not divert from that.


When they said Kurt Busiek was assembling all-star teams to do these Marvels Snapshots issues, they weren’t kidding! We get Ramón Pérez on art for Captain America: Marvels Snapshots. Some stunning work by Pérez in this issue. There are some great homages to Kirby throughout the issue, as well. Ramón Pérez makes the book feel a bit timeless, as well. The art, while more modern styling with the coloring and such, could fit at any time and lets the story just be present.

Wonderful character work throughout Captain America: Marvels Snapshots by Pérez. The characters are all well detailed and articulated. Fantastic detail, movement, and motion. Tons of delightful background detail, as well. Just everything in this issue is exceptionally well-done art-wise. Well, maybe the exaggerated faces are a bit much at times.

Rico Renzi on colors does an excellent job. The colors are a bit brighter and give it a more modern feel, as I said, but they work perfectly with Ramón Pérez’s pencils and inks. There are some great mood-setting color changes through the issue that help set the tone for different scenes and scenarios.

Ramón Pérez tells the story of Captain America: Marvels Snapshots wonderfully well with different panel structure, layout, and different shots or angles in panels. He fully engulfs that “different perspective” idea for these stories.


I enjoyed Captain America: Marvels Snapshots. It is a serious and introspective book that resonates with what is happening in our world right now. Now I don’t want all of my superhero comics or comic books, in general, to be super serious like this, but just like the crazy/silly stuff, sometimes it is good for books like this to hit.

It is always also interesting to look at these fictional happenings through a more real-world lens. Like, what is happening to the actual people after all these big battles and such. If you are a fan of Marvels or stories like that then you will have to pick up Captain America: Marvels Snapshots #1. Though maybe everything does not land perfectly in the book, it is, all in all, a good tale.

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