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Category Zero #1
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Writer: Adem Kiamil
Artist: Ton Lima
Colorist: Derek Dow
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release: Q1 2019

When 1% of the world starts developing superpowers the government takes action. How does the world react when everything dramatically changes?


The 1% Category Zero #1


What would truly happen if people suddenly started developing superpowers? How would the world and people in general react? Category Zero #1 from Scout Comics wants to answer those questions. When a virus starts to give 1% of the world’s population “superhuman” type powers things turn serious quick. The government starts quarantining these people to test and study them. Some people fear them, some love them, some want to destroy them some want to be them. Everyone reacts differently, and friends become enemies and enemies become friends when the world suddenly changes and you have to pick sides.


Category Zero #1Adem Kiamil, writer and creator, pulls no punches about his X-Men influence for Category Zero #1. It is hard when something like this comes out not to draw a comparison to the X-Men. They have been around so long and been doing the whole “hated by mankind” superhero thing for quite a while now. Kiamil aims to make Category Zero #1 different in taking a little more “adult” approach to the situation.

Kiamil tries to add some realism to the situation on how we would truly have to act if people did start showing these extraordinary powers. Obviously, there would be a whole slew of problems. You are dealing with people, number one, who certainly didn’t ask for these powers. Then these powers can be very dangerous. So, how does the government react? How do people react? There is a whole slew of questions that can be brought up. Kiamil does a pretty good job in Category Zero #1 of setting up the story and starting to ask these questions while still keeping the story “grounded” and “human” as well.

We follow a family: two college professors with a child. Sarah visits her husband in the government-controlled facility, Eden. He is one of the 1% who got powers. How does their daughter react; how do they live life? Is the main plot point of Category Zero #1.

Category Zero #1 is not the perfect first issue. It has its flaws. I am not the biggest fan of starting the series with a future event and then going to a flashback story. It kind of messed up the pacing for me a little bit. I also feel like we could have used a little bit more information throughout the issue to get us more invested. It is a good start but I didn’t really get a feel for any of the characters in the first issue. 


Ton Lima handles the art duties for Category Zero #1 and it is a pretty solid look for the issue. Lima has a bit of an angled type ink style, in that the lines are very jagged and zig-zag like. I like Lima’s character designs; everyone looks like an individual and is recognizable. The facial expressions and overall facial work need a little more defining, as they don’t really capture the characters reactions as well as they could. I do love Lima’s work on the characters’ clothing. Lima has a really great sense of how clothing moves and fits.

Derek Dow’s uses a lot of flatter coloring work in Category Zero #1. It works well, for the most part, to give it that more “realistic” feel the story is going for. It does have a little bit too much of that “digital colored” feel to it at times. Whether it was digitally colored or not, it just has that feeling to it, to me.


Category Zero #1 is another more realistic look at superheroes. This has been done a lot, but so have many other story tropes. The key will be if the creators can make this a truly original story and set it apart from everything else. It gets off to a pretty solid start; not the greatest #1 issue ever, but I will be on board for at least one more issue to see where it goes. The art is solid comic book art; I have my likes and dislikes, I would have really liked to have seen more background detail to really bring this world to life though. Overall Category Zero #1 is an interesting concept that we will have to wait and see if it fully blooms or dwindles away.

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