Review – Celeste Academy Series Book One: ‘Knight’


Demons, combat, and a different kind of hero in a confusing world.

R.A Gil’s Knight presents a new millennial/Gen Z type of hero with Valeriana Kerrigan. Once a simple girl from Boston, she is suddenly abducted into the new world of Valemnia. Not only that, she finds herself admitted to an academy located in the heart of the Dark Continent. Valeriana finds herself plunged into an unyielding world and surrounded by people who have mixed feelings about her.

The reason for her abduction? Having qualities needed by the kingdom as it faces the first part of its darkest hour. But, she’s not alone in her new world. First, Valeriana has a suspended knight as her guardian. Second, she’s hounded by a court leader with questionable motives. Lastly, she works with a student government that has a problem dealing with humans. As a result, Valeriana finds herself in a situation which tests all her strengths. In addition to that, she’s also the constant target of bullies. Being a magnet for trouble does not make things easier for her.

Knight is the start of Valeriana’s journey to answering the questions of what she truly is: What are her abilities? What sets her apart from the others residing in the human world? What dangers will she face as her true nature surfaces? 

Unique and Interesting

It is important to note that Knight is different from the usual YA fare. It emphasizes the idea that everyone can be a protagonist without having to meet the usual standards of protagonists featured in books published today.

Although Knight is fictional, it features realistic portrayals, diversity, and descriptions that bring the book to life. In fact, the series has a habit of breaking the fourth wall quite often. R.A. Gil creates a different kind of magic, if you can consider it magic at all. With spells and ancient language, medieval weapons and pistols, avatar-like powers and the inclusion of spiritual facets, it’s a refreshing twist on modern-day fiction. Save for a few errors, the book remains a good read and a fictional feat. It continues to garner millions of reads on its first home, Wattpad. Knight has the right mix of humor, adventure, and self-discovery that distinguishes a great book from just an okay one. Knight is only the first installment in what looks like a seven-book series.

The only thing that might be a problem with the book is that a lot of things happen in a short period of time. Although this may be a hurdle for some readers used to a moderate pace, give this book a chance and you’ll see why everyone’s loving it. It is not a perfect book, but all things considered, it is a great read for anyone with an open mind.

Knight and the Celeste Academy Series

The series’ first home was Wattpad. R. A. Gil started to write this book in her early teens and continues to add to the series. After years of waiting, Gil finally made a breakthrough and the first book, Knight, is sold on Amazon. It has an ebook and paperback forms to choose from. Seven books make up the Celeste Academy Series: Knight, Legend, Orison, Warsong, Cosmos, Nether, and Chevalier. 

At the present time, you can find her books on her website.

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