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Review – Chaotic Flux #1 (Sharp Edge Comics)

  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.75/10


Writer: Scott Payne
Pencils & Inks: Brian Balondo
Co-Creators: Scott Payne & Brian Balondo
Colors: Bryan Magnaye & Angel Ronquillo Magnaye
Lettering: Matt Bowers
Logo: Anne Hutchison
Publisher: Sharp Edge Comics
Maturity Rating: M
Released: Early 2019

Summary: Chaotic Flux is a darker sci-fi series, set in the distant future. There are unique warriors, mutant abominations, and of course a genocidal dark entity behind all of it. The first issue lets us get to know one of the main characters in the series, a unique warrior, so to speak.

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Chaotic Flux #1 Introduces Us to a Dark Sci-Fi Future


Chaotic Flux is a new series that will be launching in early 2019. If you’re interested, keep an eye on Sharp Edge Comics for news about it. As always, it’s great to support indie publishing companies, especially the newer ones.

The series is set in a distant future, where things are quite different from what we’re used to. The first issue gives us just a glimpse of what the series has in store…and it’s going to be an interesting read, to say the least. This is a dark sci-fi series, with lots of violence and a decent amount of gore as well, but that’s to be expected when it comes to futuristic wars, right?


Chaotic Flux #1 Sneak Peek
Chaotic Flux #1 Sneak Peek

Chaotic Flux #1 introduces us to the world as it stands, giving us hints at how bad it really is out there, as well as starting to show us just how much things have changed in the last however many years. Most of what we see and learn is through the perspective of one specific character – Zithara.

It was a brilliant call to focus on one character to start with. While we know there are others around, it was good just to learn about the one while also trying to figure out what was happening in this world.

Scott Payne made clever used of flashbacks in this issue. It’s pretty common to see a flashback in comic arcs these days, but rarely do I see one put to such good use. It wasn’t until we started delving into Zithara’s past that I found myself becoming attached to her character. Suddenly I was caring a lot more about what happened to her, both in the flashback and in the present.

The flashbacks also helped to establish the setting, giving us a clearer idea of what Zithara was up against, and why. There are still questions to be answered, but I’m confident that things will be explained further in later issues.

There were well-known elements used while establishing the setting – but that just helped make the series feel like it’s always existed. It made the series feel almost familiar, in a good sense. Personally, it made me more willing to invest more in the series I was reading.


Chaotic Flux #1 Sneak Peek

The artwork used in Chaotic Flux #1 is fascinating, simply put. There are so many details, as well as these rich, darker colors. It’s quite striking, all things considered. I personally enjoyed it because it isn’t quite like anything out there right now, and I love that.

Brian Balondo did both the pencilling and the inking, and you can see the cohesive effect that it created. You can also tell that he’s fond of details, especially on the monsters. Since this gave them a more realistic and threatening look, I’m all for it.

Bryan & Angel Ronquillo Magnaye did the colors I spoke so highly of. It’s interesting. The darker tones almost imply a sort of technology to them, likely due to the blue hues in them. It could be just me, but I feel like that furthered the point that the series is set in the far future. Along with using darker colors during the more dramatic points (a perfect choice that you don’t see every day), the artists make liberal use of bright and bold colors in other scenes. It leaves little question about who or what we should be focusing on at any given time.


Chaotic Flux #1 was a fascinating and exciting read. I love that they chose to focus mostly on Zithara and her life as a way of introducing us to the world. The colors and lines are bold and beautiful and compliment the story perfectly.

It did admittedly take me a few pages to get truly drawn into the series. But once I did I found myself hooked. It was right around the time of the flashback that I found myself investing emotionally into the series, and I doubt I will be alone in that.

Part of me actually laments the fact that I read an advanced copy though. Because it means I have to wait that much longer to see what happens next. You can bet that I’ll be keeping an eye on Sharp Edge Comics for the official release of #1, as well as news about the second issue (and beyond).

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