Review – Clue #1 (of 5) Starts Off A Nostalgic Mystery

Clue #1: The Mystery Begins:

If you’re the type of person to pick up a comic book connected to the popular game Clue, you likely know at least part of what you’re going to get. In Clue #1, the first of five issues, seven seemingly unconnected well-to-do people (Miss Scarlett, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Dr. Orchid, and Senator White)  join Mr. Boddy at his mansion for dinner. Unsurprisingly for anyone who’s played Clue before (or seen the 1985 cult film Clue), Mr. Boddy does not survive the evening, and hijinks ensue.

The traditional six suspects are updated for modern sensibilities. Not only are the characters more diverse (only 3/7 of the suspects appear to be white), but their careers have changed to better fit the modern era. Most notably, Mrs. White from the game is now Senator White. In addition, Mr. Green is a pharmecutical bro and Miss Scarlett is a rapper. Finally, this comic adds in a new suspect: toxicologist Dr. Orchid. 

There are a few more characters added to the traditional game board than Dr. Orchid. A couple of detectives show up to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy, and they have suitably color themed surnames: Ochre and Amarillo. Most importantly, the butler Upton narrates the action, and plays a part as the interface between the reader and the plot. Upton constantly breaks the fourth wall, which is fun and adds a lot to the winking nature of this comic, which is somewhat similar to the nudging way the film tried to be.

Speaking of tributes to the 1985 Clue film, this comic has a bit of a treat for collectors. In case you weren’t aware, the film has three alternate endings detailing who killed whom. When the film was first released, the three endings were aired seperately, as if they were the actual ending. This book is doing something similar. At the back of the book, there is a scene that doesn’t appear in all of the editions: a final clue to the mystery. Time will tell whether these little hints will build up into full blown alternate endings for the book or if they’re all pieces of the same puzzle.


Nelson Daniel does good work with the art in this book. The characters seem to be poised to the tenseness of the situation; we don’t know why they were all summoned to the Boddy Mansion, but it probably wasn’t just for fun and games. The action displayed in the book (no spoilers) is also drawn very well. Sometimes action scenes in comics can be somewhat confusing, but it’s very clear what is happening with both the physical action (fights and such) and verbal action (verbal fights and such).


In conclusion, this comic book seems primed to entice fans of the Clue franchise. It sets up a roller coaster ride of a mystery that can only get crazier from here.   You can join in the mystery by picking up this issue now!

Clue #1 hits the shelves on Wednesday, June 28th.

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