Review – Cognition #0 (Ken Reynolds Design)


Do You Seek Answers? Find What You Are Looking For in Cognition #0 

Cognition #0 begins a tale of an adorable steampunk robot who is run by a human spirit, and a demonically possessed mouse. These two battle spirits, monsters, demons and much more for the British Occult Secret Service (BOSS).  


As we begin the story, Cognition #0 is a bit confusing on where the story is heading. Ken Reynolds brings you right into the darkly twisted obscurities that will shape the stories.  Reynolds starts out with a man and a woman in front of a psychic. We find out later that these are Hattie and Silas, who work with BOSS. We witness a poor performance from the psychic, who is clearly a fake, when we start seeing some specific text boxes representing new characters. These end up being Cal and Sigma. It seems that this group goes around finding fraud fortune tellers and arrests them. Hopefully, they touch base on this moving forward.


As the issue progresses, we see a bit more of Cal and Sigma and how they interact with one another. Cal looks like a tiny steampunk robot and Sigma is a talking mouse that is always crawling on him.

What a peculiar duo.

Within the issue, there are 3 small stories showing different times that these two have come up against a paranormal threat. Reynolds gives them great banter back and forth which makes it seem as if they have known each other for quite some time. Though he makes it known that Sigma, the mouse, seems like he would take over Cal if he ever sees a window to do so.


The artwork in Cognition #0 is immaculate! Within the black and white panels, they delicately place splatter effects and blackout sections to create this surreal steampunk feeling. Sam Bentley brought incredible features to his characters facial expressions. The demons or paranormal creatures that Cal and Sigma come up against are portrayed in such a dismal dark way that you could feel their darkness. Now, it does depend on if you like black and white panels or color, for you to enjoy Cognition #0. I usually steer away from anime due to the interiors being too busy and black, yet this was done with precision! Bentley proves that color is not always needed to have an impeccable comic.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cognition #0 was intriguing and catchy. With indulging in my steampunk era with a paranormal twist, I was satisfied. Out of all three stories that are brought into this issue, I would have to lean towards the first one more. I enjoyed that the characters were checking to see if psychics were real or fake. I hope they elaborate more on this story. The others were still great, yet, note that it is not a continuation of the first story. Now, I may be mistaken, and I will have to read further to figure out where it is going. I would recommend and read further to see where the dynamic duo ends up and who they must face next. At the end of the third story, a demon is shown. You can tell that he is not too happy with Cal and Sigma and wants to find them.

Also, at the very end of Cognition #0, the characters’ information is shown within a layout of a crime folder.

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