Review – Cognition #3 (Ken Reynolds Design)

The Empire Falls when the Raven Leaves in Cognition #3

In Cognition #3 Cal and Sigma have recently solved a case of a man whose personality changed abruptly and now the team has been dispatched to Brancaster in the Norfolk countryside. Here they will be tracking down a “demon dog” prowling the village!


As we begin the story, Cognition #3 starts off in your face with an epic fight. Ken Reynolds begins with a fantastic covert mission on Silas Pope’s part. At first, it was a bit difficult to see what was going on and who and where we were, yet, moving along, Reynolds sums this up quickly. The references to the other Cognition stories were also a nice touch throughout the panels.


Cal and Sigma are with Hattie traveling down a trail in search of a witch. Reynolds does a phenomenal job with creating this scene to be dreary and spooky, including a nice touch that the trees are watching. Luckily, they summon up the witch quite quickly and Cognition #3 can continue its eerie tale. This interaction had a familiar feeling of Wizard of Oz.

As Reynolds continues, he always adds great banter back and forth between Cal and Sigma. They almost sound as if they are a ‘married couple’. This creates a great relationship between you and the characters because you can relate to having a friend or loved one act the same way. Obviously, it then makes us want to cheer for them as they continuously get caught up with paranormal mishaps.


The artwork for Cognition #3 doesn’t disappoint. Sam Bentley created this issue in black and white like the others. There are some parts that were a bit dark yet not in the sense of being gross, just that you really couldn’t decipher what was happening. This could also be that I am just not familiar with reading this type of comic. Personally, I enjoyed the demon dog the most. Bentley made this dog look vicious with outstanding linework. The way that Bentley portrays the characters and the scenery behind them gives it the same feel as Season one of Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is a win in my book!

As I stated previously, I am not usually a fan of black and white, mostly due to not being able to read clearly, though I can tolerate and appreciate the way that Bentley has designed this series. It adds a specific feel to the Victorian Era and steampunk edginess they are trying to portray.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Cognition has been a great series to pick up and get lost in. I enjoy the characters and the creativity that Reynolds and Bentley have combined to deliver such an incredible Indie. This series has been extremely successful on Kickstarter. On May 31, 2018, there were 353 backers! The project was fully funded for the Full Story Arc, Issues #0-4. Due to only reading  #0-3, I am excited to see where this dynamic duo ends up!

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