Review – Cold Blood Samurai #6 (Action Lab)

Cold Blood Samurai #6
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Writer: Massimo Rosi
Artist: Ludovica Ceregatti 
Colorist: Renato Stevanato
Letterer: Mattia Gentili
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Action Lab
Release Date: August 21, 2019

The final fight between Gaijin and General Black-Spit is here and the fate of the nation lies in wait!


“Death Blow” Cold Blood Samurai #6

The final showdown is here in Cold Blood Samurai #6. The final issue in the six-issue mini-series finds our Giajin Salamander Samurai face to face with General Black-Spit. After saving Shogun Swollen-Cheeks with some fast sword action from a deceitful Black-Spit previously, the Gaijin is given a new mission. The wise Shogun has surmised that if Black-Spit is taken out then the war may be stopped and their culture will survive. Gaijin has snuck into the enemy’s encampment and come face to face with Black-Spit. Will the Gaijin complete his mission of killing Black-Spit, saving the nation? Will he then finally be able to commit harakiri and be with his love? The bloody end is here.


Cold Blood Samurai #6 (Action Lab) cover by Ludovica Ceregatti
Cold Blood Samurai #6 (Action Lab) cover by Ludovica Ceregatti

As noted, Cold Blood Samurai #6 is the final issue in this series. I have enjoyed this story since the beginning (you can check out all my previous reviews here). Massimo Rosi has done a wonderful job of weaving this tale of anthropomorphic animals, samurai, and a little real history all together into a delightful six-issue comic. I think he paced the book well over six issues. It never really felt stale or like it was treading water to get to the finale. Each issue had a story purpose and built up the charters and plot to this issue.

The Gaijin Samurai was a great classic nod to the “hero with no name” type character. Rosi did a superb job of slowly developing him over the six-issue story. He slowly pulled back layers to the character and grew him. He also gives the character a satisfying ending that shows how the story changed him throughout.


The art has been solid throughout the series. Ludovica Ceregatti has done an exceptional job of not only catching the “period piece” feel of the ancient Japanese culture with building architecture, clothing, weapons, etc… She also did a great job with these anthropomorphic animal characters. I love the way she balances the realness of basing them off actual animals, but she also puts in some great cartooning and animations to make them feel “at home” and believable on the pages.

Most of Cold Blood Samurai #6 is caught up in the battle between General Black-Spit and the Gaijin Samurai. While I do wish it was a little bit more dynamic with style and panel layout, Rosi does a good job of catching the violent battle between the two. The coloring work from Renato Stevanato during the battle is fantastic as well. He plays well with the dancing fire surrounding the two and changing the lighting to add some great dramatic flair to the big battle.

One quick note and this may be fixed in the printed copies. But my review copy refers to General Black-Spit (as noted in the solicits) as General “Black-Spot”. It is very confusing as the character has black spots but in this issue in a line of dialogue (that you can read here) makes it very explicit why they call him “Black-Spit” but the lettering has “Spot”. So I hope that is fixed in the final copies.


Cold Blood Samurai #6 is a solid ending to the six-issue mini-series. We get a satisfying conclusion to not only the story being told but our main character as well. The artwork was good and consistent throughout the series and it flowed well with the story being told. All in all Cold Blood Samurai was a great read and a satisfying six-issue comic book series.

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