Review – Cold Spots #2 (Image Comics)

COLD SPOTS #2 Main Cover by Mark Torres A
COLD SPOTS #2 Main Cover by Mark Torres
Cold Spots #2
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 7/10
  • Overall - 7.5/10


Writer: Cullenn Bunn
Artist: Mark Torres
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release: September 29, 2018

Dan Kerr makes it to Quarrel’s Island in Cold Spots #2. With a rash of frozen deaths surrounding his arrival does his daughter hold the key to these supernatural events unfolding?

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The Temperature Drops in Cold Spots #2


Dan Kerr has been hired by his father-in-law to track down his wife and daughter, two people he supposedly wanted nothing to do with. Strange instances seem to happen around Dan’s daughter. He has tracked them down to an island of the coast of North Carolina but upon his arrival, an innkeeper off of the coast of the island is frozen to death while Dan is talking to him! In Cold Spots #2 the sheriff obviously has questions for Dan, but another frozen death takes him away. Dan heads to the island but why is it so cold in the middle of the summer? What mysteries does Quarrel’s Island hold?


Cold Spots #2 Variant Cover by Mark Torres
Cold Spots #2 Variant Cover by Mark Torres

Cold Spots #2 story-wise felt a little bit clearer than the first issue. Cullen Bunn is weaving an ominously spooky story wrapped up with some family drama. Bunn is slowly developing the story and it feels better now that we have two issues under our belts. We have enough information now in Cold Spots #2 to keep readers intrigued. Being a five issue mini-series I feel the next issue will give us more reasons to why Dan left his family, but still keep the mystery of what is going on with his daughter.

Bunn teases a lot of things in Cold Spots #2. We still do not know how or why these ghostly apparitions appear to people fully and why they choose to freeze them to death. Dan is not the most likeable character so it will be interesting to see how Bunn handles him for the rest of the series.


I am a little divided on Mark Torres’s art. His characters do not look that good to me; the squiggly ink lines and poor facial expressions and detail leave a lot to be desired. It is also a big contrast to how beautiful his buildings and vehicles look in Cold Spots #2. He includes such an incredible amount of detail in his vehicles, they look real. The buildings and architecture are superbly done as well. He gives the vehicles and building wonderful details that make them stand out on the pages.

Torres also gives Cold Spots #2 a mysterious, eerie vibe that sets the tone of the story wonderfully. The coloring works a lot better in this issue as well. He uses a lot of soft pinks and oranges that give a chilling atmosphere to the series. 


I feel the story improved a lot in Cold Spots #2. Having the information from the first issue and what is given in this issue made for a much clearer story and the mystery still holds tight while delivering bits and pieces to keep the reader on board. Cold Spots #2 has an eerie atmosphere that works tremendously well to up the horror aspect of this series. The art of the buildings and vehicles looks great and the ghastly figures are rendered well. It is too bad the actual people in the issue do not share the same detail and clarity of everything else. The story is intriguing enough to keep me on board and Bunn is starting to let some details out. Despite not liking Torres’ character drawings, I do love the moody atmosphere he paints Cold Spots #2 with.

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