Review – Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel Comics)

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cover Artist: Mike Deodato

Get Institutionalized With Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

Frank Castle: many of you know him as the Punisher. When Thanos came to Earth and killed everyone he became the Ghost Rider. He subsequently went mad when there was no one to punish. When Galactus gave him the power cosmic he became the Cosmic Ghost Rider. When they failed to defeat Thanos, Frank joined his ranks. Now he has officially died by the might of Mjolnir wielded by the Silver Surfer. Frank Castle cannot rest, he betrayed what he was by becoming Thanos’s lackey, but how will he become the Cosmic Ghost Rider again, and can he contain the madness it entails in Cosmic Ghost Rider #1?


Donny Cates is at it again (this dude has like a million books out) with another 5 issue mini-series. Cates has brought back fan favorite character The Cosmic Ghost Rider from his Thanos run (the collection is coming out soon). Cates used the Cosmic Ghost Rider well in his Thanos run as a good comedy break between the high stakes of that series. Frank had some great lines and quick quips to bring some levity to that series. I was a little surprised that this character did get a mini-series. Cates used him extremely well in small bits and pieces but this wacky eccentric character being the center of attention might be too much.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cover Artist: Mike Deodato

Cates does a good job with Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 of not filling the whole issue with The Rider doing ludacris things. A lot of the issue follows Frank Castle and him dealing with what he has done as the Cosmic Ghost Rider. It is a good introspective character moment and Cates writes a fantastic Frank Castle. Cates did promise “The Craziest @#$% You ‘ve Ever Seen” and he gets to that as well with some off the wall things. He balances the absurd well with some serious moments which made this issue a good read. 


Dylan Burnett joins the team in Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 on art. Burnett brings a more animated styling to the world of The Cosmic Ghost Rider and it fits well within the context of this mini-series. He has some fantastic facial expressions; those crazy eyes from old man Frank Castle are just wonderful. I like the little more “cartoonish” feel Burnett gives to the series he catches the whole goofiness to this series well. He also has some wonderfully detailed sequences in this series. When the Cosmic Ghost Rider comes back into the fray he draws a horrific melting skull that is frightening as anything. Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 also features the talented Antonio Fabela on colors who has worked on many other projects with Cates which include The Riders first appearance in Thanos #13 and God Country.

Fabela once again uses some stunning bright coloration and catches the mood and tone of the series perfectly. I love the little details in the costume of Cosmic Ghost Rider, there are little stars on his rib line and underarms that just “sparkle” with purple and blue that is a superb small touch.


I enjoyed Cosmic Ghost Rider #1.  Cates delivered a good story while also throwing in some wacky things as well. The art matches the tone of the issue perfectly. My main concern is really the next issue. The Cosmic Ghost Rider works well in small doses and in this first issue we really only get a small dose of him. Now the other issues will be more concentrated on him I am wondering how the story will be. I trust that Cates will make it interesting and not just crazy for craziness sake. But if you are looking for a fun comic to read on the fourth of July look no further.

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