Review – Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Marvel Comics)

Cosmic Ghost Rider #2
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.3/10


Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: August 1, 2018

After a brawl with baby Thanos, Cosmic Ghost Rider decides to raise the child himself, so off in the time stream they go. Frank Castle, the Punisher, who became the Ghost Rider, who then was imbued with the power Cosmic, who then became The Mad Titans lackey, raising baby Thanos…what could go wrong?

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“Adventures in Babysitting Thanos” Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

Well, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 got this mini-series off to a shocking start. Frank Castle upset Odin in Valhalla and once again was turned into the Cosmic Ghost Rider. With his shard of the Time Stone and cosmic power, Frank decides he is going to do some good. He will rid the world of Thanos the only way he knows how. By going back in time and killing him when he was a baby! Well, it turns out Frank still has a heart (well, he still punches baby Thanos) and even as a child Thanos likes a good scrap. Frank decides he will just kidnap the child and raise him; then maybe, just maybe, he won’t become the Mad Titan. That leads us to Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 as Frank and baby Thanos sit in an alien bar awaiting a “friend.”

Oh, and Galactus and space sharks show up!


Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Geoff Shaw
Main cover by Geoff Shaw

If you haven’t noticed, Cosmic Ghost Rider is an absolutely bonkers series. I constantly had to turn back to the cover and be like “yep, Marvel Comics is publishing this.” Donny Cates goes off the rails with Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. From drinking in a bar with baby Thanos to fighting space sharks, you never know what is going to happen from page to page.

Now, I am not a big fan of things being random for random’s sake. Usually, things like that are good for an issue or two but lose their “flavor” very fast. Cates seems to be doing a good job with Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 by actually giving a narrative and story to drive it. Yes, it is wacky and has some very strange and funny things in it. That is all fun and good, but at the heart of it, you have Cosmic Ghost Rider actually trying to atone for his past “sins” and make it up to the world in his own twisted way.


Dylan Burnett’s animated more cartooning type style fits perfect for the story being told in Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. It is very cartoony at times and Burnett dials that up to 11 for more comedic parts of the story. But don’t let that fool you; he can switch to a very detailed hard-line style within the same page. Just check the pages between the bar fight with baby Thanos to when Galactus shows up for proof. He can be lighthearted and fun with his art in one instance and bring the thunder on the very next page.

Antonio Fabela is one of the best colorists in comics and Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 just seals the deal. I have been very impressed with his work throughout the past year, but he just brings it in this issue. From the flames of the Rider’s skull to the eye-popping blues and purples of Galactus, the colors are just mesmerizing on each and every page of this issue. I love how Fabela’s colors bring this series to a new level and help rein in that tone of “this is goofy but we are taking it very seriously” as well.


If you are looking for just a downright fun comic book you should be reading Cosmic Ghost Rider. This is just an absolute blast to read! Donny Cates is firing on all cylinders, delivering a crazy story that still has some heart to it. The art is fantastic, with great cartooning by Dylan Burnett and absolutely superb coloring by Antonio Fabela. It may not be the greatest comic book on the shelves but it certainly is the most fun read of the week.

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