Review – Crossover #4 (Image Comics)

Crossover #4 (Image Comics) cover A (detail) by Geoff Shaw w sticker
  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.3/10

Crossover #4

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Geoff Shaw
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterer & Design: John J. Hill
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: February 23, 2021

The one and only Madman has come along with The Paybacks to help Elle and Otto bring Eva back to their world. But how are they going to do it?

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“Come and Take It” Crossover #4

Well, we finally got our first big hero introductions in the previous. As The Paybacks and the one and only Madman have come to help Elle, Otto and Ryan get Ava back to their comic book world and into the dome. Okay so, it is not a big hero like Superman or Spider-Man. But still, having Mike Allred’s Madman come aboard is still pretty cool. We all know Marvel or DC are not going to let any of their characters show up. Crossover #4 focuses on the plan to get Ava back to their comic book world. With these new heroes in tow, the group should have it much easier, right?

Crossover #4 (Image Comics) cover A by Geoff Shaw
Crossover #4 (Image Comics) cover A by Geoff Shaw

Plus, Ryan still has a secret. I mean, not that anyone trusts him much. But that government guy gave him that weird gun and bullet and he is supposedly supposed to know what to do with it. That secret is totally not going to cause any problems when it gets exposed.


Donny Cates has kind of settled in with Crossover #4. We got a big character reveal and possibly another one in this issue. It is always interesting to see what character may appear, or the vague suggestions or image, or high profile comic book characters you can catch. That is the novelty of the series. The main story is what holds you, and it has brought me in, but it does not advance much in Crossover #4.

Cates uses this issue to kind of settle things down and set up the rest of the story going forward. Now that the adventure has truly begun, Crossover #4 starts to reveal more of the story. But not that much really happens in this issue character-wise. It has some good set-ups and it is fun to see Cates play with the Madman character and the Paybacks. But nothing stands out in Crossover #4.

Not saying that it is a bad issue. It is fun, and we get a good mystery tease about Ryan and that mysterious government agent, and there is another possibly-big character reveal (if you are a Donny Cates/Geoff Shaw fan). But Crossover #4 mainly sets up what is to come.


I am a big Geoff Shaw fan; you can tell that from my reviews. A fantastic artist with a beautiful style. Shaw once again, in Crossover #4, gets to show off a great range of character emotions. Wonderful character acting and visual storytelling by Geoff Shaw.

Shaw also sets Madman in action in Crossover #4, and it is a delight to see. Such elegant movement and placement on those pages. Shaw delivers the action superbly well. Madman is a pretty simple character design, but that Mike Allred style is what makes it. But Shaw catches the stunning simplicity of it well.

Dee Cunniffe‘s colors continue to work extraordinary well for the art and story. A wonderful mixture of bright and dark colors that catch the “superheroness” of the series, but dark enough to keep the tone of the series a little more serious. Also, John J. Hill‘s lettering work continues to be tremendously done as well. Great use of different text that, once again, catches the overall just “comibookiness” of the series, yet the seriousness of it, as well.


Crossover #4 probably isn’t the best issue of the series, but it also serves its purpose, which makes it kind of hard to give a rating to. I mean, it has some cool sequences and set-ups that are needed, story-wise, but nothing is a big stand-out, story-wise, for the issue. It serves its purpose of pushing the story along. Plus, I mean, Donny Cates’ writing is still super-infectious. You can feel the amount of fun and comic-book love he is bleeding into this series. Plus, I mean, you aren’t ever going to hear me complain about seeing some Geoff Shaw art. If you have been enjoying Crossover so far then obviously Crossover #4 is a must-buy.

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