Review – The Crow: Memento Mori #1 (IDW Publishing)

The Dead Rise in The Crow: Memento Mori #1

A tale as old as time is told in The Crow: Memento Mori #1. A teenage boy David and his girlfriend struck down in the streets of Rome by terrorists. Consequently, David was leading a Catholic procession when death came for him and his girlfriend, but he would not stay dead long. The Crow has brought David back to life to seek vengeance upon those that struck him down. Now David has become the harbinger of death and nothing with stop his vengeful rage.


Roberto Recchioni hits all the key points you want in a The Crow story with The Crow: Memento Mori #1. David is senselessly killed and so is his girlfriend.  So the Crow brings him back to life. That is basically how every The Crow story starts.  Yeah, you can switch out the leads of who dies and who comes back but the basics are the basics. Where most “Crow” stories falter is they focus too much on the “revenge” factor and not on the character’s story. What made the original comic great was the focus on Eric Draven and his story.  And not just his revenge.

The Crow: Memento Mori #1 (CA) Davide Furno

Recchioni hits the moodiness well with his dark-humored dialogue and wonderful pacing of the story. The Crow: Memento Mori #1 is a little hard to judge as it has three more issues to go and obviously there is going to be more to this story than his revenge on these terrorists. I have an idea of what else David is going to want to avenge.  It seems pretty obvious but we will see where the story goes from here. This first issue is very focused on his revenge, but there is a hint of a bigger story to tell.

The short story by Matteo Scalera is a nice take on The Crow mythology and caught me a little by surprise. In just four pages Scalera captivates the reader with his story. The short story by Scalera is very stunning and a fantastic piece of work.


The art by Werther Dell’Edera and Giovanna Niro is wonderful in The Crow: Memento Mori #1. Dell’Edera has a fantastic style that fits this world perfectly. The thin ink lines and scratchy texture fits perfectly with the dark story. Dell’Edera gives Davids movements grace and ease that is superbly well done.  Giovanna Niro colors set the mood and tone for The Crow: Memento Mori #1. The dark coloring with hints of light gives an ominous feel to the story. The combination of the dark coloring and textured inks give a wonderful gothic feel.

Matteo Scalera does a beautiful job with the art in his four-page short story. He uses every inch of those pages to weave his short tale of revenge. He is a master craftsman that scripts each page and panel perfectly. The yellow color used by Moreno Dinisio in the story is beautiful. It helps tremendously with the story being told.


Look, I am a huge fan of James O’Barr’s original The Crow comic and of the original movie. I know The Crow has not fared well in other media since the first movie (the reboot may finally get made), but there have been some pretty solid comics (check out The Crow: Curare). So far The Crow: Memento Mori may be another solid installment to the comic book series. Dark-humored dialogue combined with picturesque art give this troy a fantastic feeling. I feel like the creative team is hitting everything I want in a The Crow story. The creators feel like they have an interesting story that they are just starting. Plus really you can’t go wrong with Matteo Scalera backup story.  That dude is fantastic!


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